Student Dress Code Policy


    The following Dress Code Policy is the product of a collaborative decision-making team made up of students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

    It is the student’s responsibility to dress appropriately for the educational environment.  All students will comply with district policies  regarding appropriate dress, including prohibition of inappropriate or offensive messages and signification of gang affiliation. Students will dress according to a professional standard. Clothing must be worn to cover or conceal undergarments, midriff, and backside. All tops must have straps. Muscle tank tops which hang low on the sides and the front are not permitted. Pajamas and slippers are not appropriate for school. Footwear with secure backs must be worn. Flip flops are an example of footwear which is not appropriate for school. 

    Student dress for any school sponsored event (dances, senior Fridays etc.) should be within dress code guidelines and not pose safety risks for the individual.  Individual departments may set more stringent dress guidelines for safety reasons. 

    Teachers will notify the office by email or phone call of students whose dress is not in keeping with above guidelines or will send students to the office. All decisions regarding the appropriateness of student dress will be made by the principal or his designee.  Any clothing that is disruptive to the educational setting of the school will be deemed inappropriate.  Students may be asked to change clothes, parent/guardian may be contacted to bring a change of clothing, or other disciplinary action may be taken for students who are in violation of the school’s dress code policy.  In addition to remedying the violation, other consequences include:

    •  First OffenseCall to parent/guardian and Dress Code Violation written
    •  Second OffenseReferral & lunch or after school detention
    •  Third OffenseReferral & Saturday School