Student Cell Phone Policy


    Cell Phones

    High-school students may use cell phones as a teaching/learning/educational tool. Students may not use cell phones and/or electronic devices for communication including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., or other social media platforms during the hours of their academic school day.  Also, students may not use phones or cameras to make or record videos on campus or at school-sponsored events without teacher or administrator approval. Students may not use cell phones or electronic devices at any time for any reason on school buses.


    In addition, each instructor may set specific guidelines regarding the placement of cell phones during class time and assessments.


    Elementary and middle school students may not use cell phones during the school day. All personal electronic devices must be powered off and left in backpacks between 9:12 and 3:52. Students may use e-readers or other electronic devices under direct teacher direction, but no electronic devices can be brought to lunch or recess. This policy was developed through collaboration between faculty, families, and the school’s Shared Decision-Making Team in order to best support our students’ physical, academic, and social development.


    Cell Phones Infractions

    The misuse of cell phones may result in confiscation and disciplinary consequences. A student’s cell phone may be confiscated if it is being used inappropriately or without permission in a classroom. Confiscated cell phones are handed in to the school-level administrator.


    1st      Offense      Phone returned to student at end of day

    2nd     Offense      Parent must pick up phone

    3rd     Offense      Parent picks up phone, referral & Saturday School


    This policy is enforced in Elementary, Middle, and High School. Progressive consequences for academic honesty violations are cumulative during a student’s time in elementary, middle, and high school.


    Parents or guardians needing to contact their child in emergencies during the school day should call the front office. In the event of any emergency affecting the school, administration will make an announcement that students may use cell phones.