Gifted Magnet Programs Admissions and Requirements

  • Pine View School is a gifted magnet program located in Sarasota County, FL.  We are proud to offer a unique educational experience to students who have met all eligibility requirements in grades 2 through 12.   Information regarding eligibility requirements can be found on the Sarasota County Schools webpage for Gifted Information:

    Additional information specifically about the admissions process for Pine View School can be located on the Pine View Admissions webpage:

    New Student Registration Update 5/22/20202:

    We are in the process of creating and customizing registration packet information for all new students who have met entry criteria for the 2020/2021 school year.  When these packets are ready, they will be sent in the US Mail to the address on file.  The information will include a description of what documents you will need to share with us for school registration purposes, directions for returning those documents, information about developing an Educational Plan if your child does not already have one from their districted school, and other essential information about our school. 

    High School and Middle School registration packets will contain information about course scheduling.  For High School students, once you have received the registration packet and completed and returned the scheduling cards, our school counselors will be in contact, if needed, to review the course selections.  In the Middle School packet, you will receive information about choosing your middle school elective class.  World language forms will be included for all middle and high school grade levels. 

    If you have received a snap code from Sarasota County Schools via email or a letter, please go ahead and complete the online re-registration process.  It will not list Pine View as the school of attendance and that is ok!  Once we can hold Pine View new student registration the computer system will automatically code the school over to Pine View. 

    Please be on the lookout for registration packets to arrive to your address on file via US Mail within the upcoming weeks!


    April 19, 2020

    Gifted Magnet Admissions Updates and Changes Related to the Covid-19 Pandemic:

    Details of all requirements and changes are available on the Sarasota County Schools webpage for Gifted Information:

    * Deadline for submission of all required documents (with the exception of IQ test) for gifted eligibility and Magnet   program application:  Friday, May 1, 2020

    (Must be a resident in the state of Florida to apply for a Gifted Magnet Program and present proof of valid FL residency by the May 1, 2020 date)

    * Deadline for submission of Standardized Test of Intelligence (IQ): Tuesday, June 23, 2020

    Regarding the required measure of academic achievement:  Due to the inability to test students on a one-on-one basis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the district will accept a group achievement test score from last school year in lieu of an individual test of achievement. This could be the FSA or another group achievement test such as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or other similar group achievement or state assessment. Scores for FSA must be level 4 or 5 (ELA and Math). Scores for other group achievement tests must be 90% or higher for English and Math.  PSAT or SAT may be possible to use.  For students in grades K-3, the iReady diagnostic  2 (APD2) will be used with percentile ranks calculated.