• Common Questions

    1. How do I register to become a volunteer or business partner?

    2. Can I log my volunteer hours from any device?  If so, how?

    • Yes.  If you forget to sign-in or sign-out, you can manually login to the Volunteer Portal website and enter your hours.  This can be completed from any device at your convenience.                                                     To access the online volunteer portal to log your hours click here

     3. What is level 1 or level 2 clearance?

    4. Who should I contact to become a Level 2 volunteer?

    5. Did my Level 2 clearance transfer over to the new database?

    • If you have had your Level 2 clearance completed within the past 5 years, your level 2 has been transferred to the new database. If you are an employee for Sarasota County Schools, which you would have designated on your application, your Level 2 clearance will be added to your volunteer profile by the Office of Communications & Community Relations.

    6. Do I need to have a Level 2 clearance to attend field trips?

    There is a possibility that you may be able to attend field trips as a Level 1 volunteer. You will need to contact the school to verify what clearance is required to attend the field trip. Ultimately, the school’s principal can use their discretion regarding the clearance level required to attend any field trips. 

     Chaperone criteria for Level 1 Criminal Background Screening

    • All chaperones must be approved and sign-in/out of the Volunteer Station
    • An SCSB employee must accompany the chaperone
    • The chaperone will not be left alone with students overnight, at an event, or on the field trip
    • Driving students to an athletic event where an SCSB employee will be present
    • The chaperone must go to the Athletic Director at the school for procedures
    • See SC Policy 8.36

    Chaperone criteria for Level 2 Criminal Background Screening

    • All chaperones must be approved and sign-in/out of the Volunteer Station
    • Any chaperone who will not be accompanied by an SCSB employee (ex. Taking students to Odyssey of the Mind event where no SCSB employee will be present)
    • Any chaperone who will be left alone overnight with a student other than their own

     7. Does South County have a location where I can go, to get my Level 2 clearance completed?

     Temporarily unavailable until further notice

    Yes. Volunteers in the South County area can get their Level 2 clearance from the North Port Police Department Visit the OCCR Overview page under downloads for: SCS fingerprint process North Port PDF. Please be sure to fill out the VECHS Waiver form Visit the OCCR Overview page under downloads for: VECHS waiver PDF and email the completed form to  Safety & Security at scsbfingerprinting@sarasotacountyschools.net

     8. Where can I find the volunteer procedures?