• Visual Performing Arts Program
    VPA Audition Dates:
    Dance: TBA
    Theatre: Theatre Dept: TBA
    Orchestra: TBA
    Band: TBA

    This is ONLY for students wishing to audition for Jazz One and Wind Ensemble (our VPA ensembles). Passing this audition and entering into those classes will constitute being in the “VPA” program. The Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Two will be by director recommendation and I will place those students with your input. Again, this audition is ONLY for those students wishing to be in the VPA ensembles. 

    The audition will consist of any solo that the student has prepared (FBA solo and ensemble MPA solo is suggested) no accompaniment is required, however, if the student wants to bring a recording or an accompanist to play with that is perfectly fine. There will be some sight-reading and a general basic theory test. David Sommer (choral director) and I will hear all of the applicants together and collaborate on the selection process.

    JAZZ STUDENTS: Winds should prepare the head (melody) and one chorus of improvisation on any standard from “the great American songbook”. Wind students should bring a backing track to play along with (we will play the recording through the stereo system so they can play and improvise). Bass Players should prepare a walking bass line for a 12 bar Bb Blues Progression, Piano Players should prepare the melody of any standard from the “great American songbook” playing the melody with the right hand and appropriate comping chords with the left hand. Guitarists should demonstrate proper chord voicings for a 12 bar Bb Blues progression.

    Chorus: TBA

    1. Bring instrumental track (no voices). It can be on CD or smartphone. No YouTube videos.
    2. Auditions include site reading/short passage provided at the time of audition.
    3. Students will have to perform a few vocal exercises.


    Visual art portfolios can be emailed to tiffany.jennings@sarasotacountyschools.net.

    Students can take a digital photograph with a cell phone, then email the photographs to OR print copies of their artwork Do not send actual pieces of artwork. 

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