• Important Info

    Safety Announcement
    All SMS walkers and bike riders that travel Ashton Road to the east of the SMS campus will be required to use the east sidewalk and cross Ashton Road at the Ashton Elementary crosswalk (eastside).
    Use the Bliss Road crosswalk to cross Ashton Road (westside).

    SMS students will not be allowed to cross at the sidewalk at the parent pick-up/drop-off drive that enters the school from Ashton Road before or after school.

    Thank you for your understanding and commitment to the safety of all our students.

    Car Riders: Student Drop Off and Pick Up
    Parents may drop off and pick up students only in the designated areas east of the school. Students enter/exit cars only in the lane next to the covered walkway. Once your child is out (a.m.) or in (p.m.) the vehicle, pull into the outside lane and exit the area. parents may also park in the lot and walk to the covered area to pick up a student. All students are to be picked up by 4:20 p.m. All school rules and guidelines apply to students waiting for parent pick up.

    • The school speed limit is 15 mph on Ashton Road from 9:00 - 9:30 a.m. and from 4:00 - 4:30 p.m.
    • Only the School Resource Deputy (SRD) may direct traffic. 
    • Please drive cautiously in the parent drop-off and pick-up loop on the East side of campus.
    • No traffic is permitted in the bus loop AT ANY TIME on the West side of campus.

    Students are expected to:
    1. Wait respectfully and orderly
    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Parents are expected to:
    1. Be on time picking up your child by 4:20 p.m
    2. Obey traffic laws 
    3. Follow staff directions
    4. Be courteous and cautious

    Just as a reminder, in the event of inclement weather, student dismissal may be delayed until it is deemed safe for our students to walk to parent pick up. Safety for our students is our first concern. Please be patient while we follow specific weather dismissal procedures.