• Guidance

    The Booker High School guidance staff is available to provide students with support in a wide variety of areas.  The guidance staff includes counselors, a social worker, a psychologist, a post-secondary advisor, and our secretarial staff.

    A student's counselor provides assistance to students with academic, college, and career planning.  In addition, counselors can assist students who are struggling with social, behavioral, or emotional concerns and direct students and their families to additional support resources in the school and the community.  Our students receive services from their counselor based on the students' last name.                                           

    Lead Counselor: Sally Blackheart                                     

    Counselors are available to meet with students by appointment from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  They are also immediately available if there is a student crisis or urgent matter.  Students and parents can email counselors from links above or call the guidance secretary to set up an appointment at 941-355-2967.

    The Booker High School College or Career Resource Room, located in the Administration building, provides students with information regarding college visits to the campus, scholarship opportunities, dual enrollment options, and completion of college applications.  Booker High School is proud to be part of the College For Every Student (CFES) program, and participation in this program begins with a visit to our College Resource Room.  Students and parents can contact Mrs. Khea Knight, our postsecondary advisor, for information about these programs.  


    • GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS - Read the Sarasota County Pathways Guidance Handbook to become familiar with graduation requirements and other important information.
    • VIRTUAL SCHOOL - Interested in signing up for Virtual School to meet your online course requirement for graduation?  Click here for directions on how to sign up for Sarasota Virtual Academy, or visit www.gosva.com for more information. All Seniors in need of an online course must sign up prior to April 1st and their courses must be completed by April 24th to be eligible to attend prom.  
    • SUNCOAST TECHNICAL COLLEGE - BHS students can attend the technical college their Junior/Senior year to earn industry certifications for FREE.  Click here for a list of their programs and more information. 
    • DUAL ENROLLMENT - Eligible BHS students can dual enroll at the State College of Florida and take FREE college classes at SCF or on our campus.  More information is available by visiting the SCF Dual Enrollment website or by clicking here for DE on our BHS campus or here for DE on the SCF campus. Two new programs are also now available - one that offers students an opportunity to earn their AA degree at SCF during their Junior & Senior years and one that offers limited DE courses at USF Sarasota Manatee. Please contact Ms. Lori Lewis in the Guidance Office for more information. 
    • SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES - Visit the college room and click here for more information available on the Sarasota County Schools website.
    • BRIGHT FUTURES - A quick-reference chart is available here or you can visit: http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/ssfad/bf/ for more detailed information.  Check your status by visiting the FloridaShines website.
    • STATE UNIVERSITIES ADMISSIONS - Click here to see quick facts and admissions information for our state universities.
    • NCAA - Interested in being a college athlete?  Please visit the following link to review NCAA eligibility requirements and make sure you're on track.
    • VOLUNTEER INFORMATION - Volunteer hours are required for Bright Futures and are recommended for all BHS students.  All hours must be pre-approved by visiting https://www.sarasotacountyschools.net/Page/2654 and completing an online application.