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    The International Baccalaureate is a two-year program of studies beginning in a student's junior year that aims to develop a student's skills in all academic areas.  It encourages intercultural understanding, lifelong learning, and community activity.  Venice High recommends interested students have an A or B in all core subjects, a 3 or higher on the FSA Reading test, have completed year two of a second language, and have finished Algebra II (honors preferred) by the end of sophomore year.  

    For more information visit: vhsibprograms.com

    Rising 9th Informational Video

    This video is intended for students entering VHS IB from grades 8 and 9. Students entering grade 9 can find the application for VHS and necessary supporting.

    Rising 10th and 11th Informational Video


    Rising 10th and 11th Grade Magnet Application

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