• Dress Code GuideDress Code Guide

    School Dress Code Policy

    The WMS dress code expectations are that students be clean, neatly dressed, and well-groomed at all times. Distracting styles and provocative grooming interferes with our focus on learning. Our goal is to promote quality education and behavior acceptable to a working environment.

    General Clause
    Students are not allowed to wear clothing, tattoos, or items that display, suggest, or advocate in words or graphics/symbols any drug or gang affiliation, violence, reference to profanity, vulgarity, sex, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs – including, but not limited to, skull and crossbones, knives or guns, and offensive terms and/or symbols. Any items/clothing that causes disruption of the classroom environment is prohibited.

    General Dress
    Clothing shall be worn as designed (suspenders over the shoulder, pants secured at the waist/hips, belts buckled, no underwear as outerwear, no underwear exposed). Clothing that is too tight or revealing when standing, bending, sitting or moving is unacceptable. Safety pins are not allowed nor are stickers and/or tattoos worn on skin or clothes. Sheer fabric is only acceptable when worn over clothing which is dress code appropriate.

    Tops, Blouses, Shirts
    Shirts or tops must cover 2” of the shoulder and must extend “inches” below the waist of the bottom garment or be tucked into the bottom garment, showing no midriff skin or underwear when standing, sitting, or bending. 

    Examples of prohibited clothing include but are not limited to:  spaghetti straps of any width, halters, off shoulder shirts, tube tops, tops with holes that expose the torso, bikini tops, pajama tops, oversized armholes, backless dresses, clothing with plunging necklines, and see-through or sheer materials.

    Bottom Garments
    The bottom garment must extend past the student’s longest fingertip when the arms are fully extended at their side. Shorts must have no holes or frayed edges above the knee. Ripped pants/jeans are only permitted if athletic shorts/leggings/patches are worn underneath or are covering the holes.

    Examples of prohibited clothing include but are not limited to cheer-type shorts, beachwear, bicycle/exercise shorts, boxer shorts, and pajama pants. Pants and shorts must be zipped and a belt or suspenders must be worn if pants and shorts cannot remain secured above the hip. No saggy/baggy pants/jeans.

    Due to safety concerns, appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. All shoes must have a back or strap on the back.

    Examples of prohibited clothing include but are not limited to: flip flops, slides, slippers, athletic cleats and spikes, and stilettos.  

    Hats, Hoods, Sunglasses, Hair, Body
    Hats, caps, hoods, scarves, sweatbands, bandanas, and sunglasses are not to be worn on campus or buses, except as allowed in PE and must be kept in lockers or inside backpacks during the day. Other prohibited items include but are not limited to: facial paint, teeth jewelry (grills), and hair and or body paint and or spray-in color.  Any metal comb, brushes, picks, etc. are not allowed at school.

    Clothing normally worn for school-sponsored extra-curricular or sports activities may be worn only during a scheduled event as approved by the administration.

    Jewelry will be worn in a way that it does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a disruption to the educational process. Neckwear and bracelets with metal studs, other potentially dangerous items or items displaying profanity and profane notions such as jelly bracelets or drug symbols are not allowed. All chains, including those hanging from the neck, belt, pocket, or attached to the wallet are prohibited. Jewelry and clip-ons in pierced body parts other than in-ears are not allowed, including those for the tongue, nose, lips, eyebrows, and spike earrings.  Students may not possess rubber bands (or their equivalent) or wear them as jewelry.  

    Dress Code Enforcement
    It is the responsibility of each WMS student to dress according to the dress code. We seek parent support and monitoring of students daily dress. Students who do not come to school adhering to the dress code guidelines will receive a dress code violation and will be sent to the office to change into school-provided clothes to wear for the day. Students who fail to return clothing from the school will receive a fine on their account and will be responsible for payment. All questionable or offensive articles will need to be picked up by the parent/guardian and will not be returned to the student. WMS staff members make every effort for consistent enforcement. Violations will be handled as follows:

    First Offense
    Student receives warning of violation (no parent phone call required)

    The student will complete a dress code reflection and receive a parent phone call

    Third or more
    A parent phone call may also result in a student-specific plan for dress code