• Gocio Logo About Gocio Elementary

    Welcome to Gocio! Built-in 1966, we celebrated our 50th birthday in December 2016. During our fifty plus years, the school has grown from one building to five and is now home to more than 750 students. Buildings one and two were completely remodeled in the summer of 2007 and building three was freshly painted and re-carpeted in July 2008. Our school is nestled in a quiet residential area off Lockwood Ridge Road between University Parkway and 17th Street.

    Our primary goal is to ensure that all students are learning and achieving. To accomplish our goal that all students are learning and achieving, staff members consistently participate in ongoing professional development activities that keep them abreast of the most effective ways students learn. Many of these activities and workshops are offered right here on campus.

    Gocio is a safe, respectful learning community of students, staff, and parents.  We encourage consistent attendance, positive attitudes, and high expectations for academic achievement. Mandatory school uniforms (pairing navy, red, and royal blue collared shirts embroidered with the Gocio logo and coordinating khaki, navy, or black bottoms) help promote a learning environment that is conducive to academic success for ALL!.

    At the present time, we are the only elementary school in Sarasota to offer music, visual art, dance. Our school received the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network's 2006-07 Creative Ticket National Schools of Distinction Award. The award recognizes schools that have done an outstanding job of making the arts an essential part of the education of their students. Gocio is one of five schools in the nation to receive this award!

    We are committed to establishing and maintaining a warm, welcoming environment in which all members of the overall school community feel valued. Come visit us and see first-hand why Gocio Elementary School is the shining beacon in north Sarasota County.