• Arrival and Dismissal 


    Students should arrive on campus no earlier than 8:00 am.  Once students arrive, they are to travel directly to the appropriate area.  Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk students to classrooms.  For the safety of all Lamarque children, those who arrive earlier than 8:00 am will be directed to the Before School Care program and a fee will be charged.

    Please discuss with your child and homeroom teacher how you expect him/her to get home each day.  If there is a change in your standard routine, please send a note to your child's teacher.  IF THE TEACHER DOES NOT RECEIVE A NOTE, THE CHILD WILL BE SENT HOME HIS OR HER REGULAR WAY.

    Early dismissals affect instruction and are discouraged.  To protect valuable instruction time, early dismissals will not be permitted after 2:45 pm.  When students are to be released from school earlier than 2:45 pm, they will be dismissed from the office only.  In the event an early dismissal is planned, a note must be sent to the office in care of the homeroom teacher.  

    Bus Riders
    Every student is responsible for following the bus guidelines in order to maintain the privilege of riding the bus.  Parents are responsible for supervising their children at the bus stop.  If unable to uphold this responsibility other arrangements for adult supervision should be made.

    Car Riders
    Our parent pickup area is located at the front of the school building.  This is the ONLY area where students are permitted to be picked up.  Parents and guardians should remain in their vehicles and display the hangtag.  Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria and will wait at a designated post.  For the safety of all children, PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF OR PICK UP YOUR CHILD AT ANY OTHER LOCATION, CAR RIDERS WILL NOT BE DISMISSED AS WALKERS.  PLEASE DRIVE THROUGH THE LINE AND REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE.

    Walkers and Bike Riders
    Walkers are dismissed from the rear of the building.  Students are escorted to the rear sidewalk and dismissed from there.  Bike riders are dismissed from the front of the building and are escorted to the bike racks.  Students must wear a bicycle helmet.  Families are encouraged to provide locks for all bicycles.  Please be certain to have a "rainy day" plan in place so that your child will know how to go home in the event of inclement weather.