• Lamarque Community of Caring

    Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust and Family
    Lamarque Elementary is proud to be a Community of Caring school.  We believe that creating caring relationships and a caring school community while teaching values across the curriculum is essential in creating safe and healthy learning environments in which all children can succeed and prosper academically and ethically, including students with disabilities. Community of Caring schools believe that the universally accepted ethical values of caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family are the foundation on which responsible decisions and behaviors are based.

    Values In And Across The Curriculum
    In Community of Caring schools, teachers integrate the five core values of caring, respect, responsibility, trust, and family into their regular classroom lessons, activities and discipline, and into the life of the classroom as a whole. They anchor their teaching practices in them and build their classroom community on them. Values are intentional in every aspect of school life. 

    Student Leadership And Forums
    In Community of Caring schools, students experience a wide variety of student forums. These include class meetings, buddy partners, friendship groups, cross-age groups, Learning Circles, and other leadership experiences. Students have opportunities to help one another, to problem solve, and to think about how their choices can reflect caring and respect for self and others and for the rights of all.

    Family And Community Involvement
    Families are the first place that children learn values, and parents are children's first and most important moral educators. In Community of Caring schools, families, schools, and the community works together in meaningful ways to build relationships and collaborate on activities based on the five values. Many Community of Caring schools sponsor school-wide activities for parents, curriculum activities that link the classroom and home, and special parent events. Trust and respect are developed as schools and families work together. 

    Service Learning
    Service-learning helps students grow intellectually, ethically, socially, and emotionally, strengthening their character through opportunities to give service to others. As part of the school's curriculum, students identify and solve problems utilizing the five values and their academic learning to develop in ways that will benefit them as students, citizens, workers, and human beings. They experience joy in giving service, working hard, thinking complexly, and reflecting deeply on what they have learned; learning that fosters excellence in all the important domains of human development.

    Source and additional information can be found at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for Community of Caring