Meet Your Admin Team

Meet Your K Teachers

  • Cassidy Wolleon

    Cassidy Wolleon

    Hello, my name is Ms. Wolleon and I am so excited to be a kindergarten teacher at Bay Haven School of Basics Plus this year! I recently graduated from...

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  • Jeannette Nowaski

    Jeannette Nowaski

    Hi! My name is Jeannette Nowaski! I am very excited to be part of the kindergarten team at Bay Haven! This is my ninth-year teaching kindergarten...

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  • Karly Nasby

    Karly Nasby

    Hello, my name is Karly Nasby, and this will be my sixth-year teaching kindergarten. I LOVE teaching Kindergarten...

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  • Krystalle Nichols

    Krystalle Nichols

    Hello! I'm Krystalle Nichols and I LOVE KINDERGARTEN! I have been teaching for over 8 years in Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten...

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  • Erin Boyd

    Erin Boyd

    Hi! My name is Erin Boyd. I have been a teacher for 18 years and I have been teaching at Bay Haven for 14 of those years. I have taught kindergarten...

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  • Melissa Germano

    Melissa Germano

    Hello! My name is Melissa Germanio, and this will be my 10th year teaching at Bay Haven and my 7th year teaching the gifted/advanced work first grade class...

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  • Rebecca Behringer

    Rebecca Behringer

    Hello, my name is Mrs. Behringer and I’m so excited to be teaching first grade at Bay Haven! Mr. Behringer...

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  • Kate Daniel

    Kate Daniel

    My name is Kate Daniel and I’ve been an elementary school teacher for 15 years, first in in Manatee County and for the last four years at...

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  • Lisa McQuaid

    Lisa McQuaid

    my name is Lisa McQuaid and I’m excited to be teaching 3rd grade at Bay Haven this year. This will be my 9th year teaching mostly in elementary. I spent 2 years...

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  • Mary Wedebrock

    Mary Wedebrock

    Hi, my name is Mary Wedebrock. I was an Army Brat, so I have lived in...

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  • Megan Houser

    Megan Houser

    Hello, my name is Megan Houser. I graduated from Florida State University with a BA in English Literature and Journalism and...

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  • Michelle Fancher

    Michelle Fancher

    Hello, my name is Michelle Fancher. I graduated from SUNY Albany and Bridgeport University for my Masters in Elementary and Art Education. My hobbies are...

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  • Bill Sarazen

    Bill Sarazen

    Bill Sarazen has been teaching with the School Board of Sarasota County 36 years. He was one of the original teachers to create the...

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  • Kathryn Hendricks

    Kathryn Hendricks

    Hello Families, my name is Ms. Hendricks and I currently teach 4th grade at Bay Haven School of Basics Plus. Throughout my 20 years...

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  • Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor

    I know that successful students become successful adults, and I consider it a privilege to have an opportunity to have that impact on the future. Prior to entering the field of education...

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  • Laurie Hayes

    Laurie Hayes

    Hello, my name is Laurie Hayes. I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. I have been teaching for 5th grade for...

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  • Lorienne Nickelson

    Lorienne Nickelson

    Hi! My name is Lorienne Nickelson. I have been teaching for 7 years here at Bay Haven. Before that I taught for 6 years in a middle school and 6 years at Mote Marine Laboratory &...

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