• Dress Code

    School is a professional learning environment.  The dress of students should be modest, tasteful and neat.  When dressing for school, students must follow these guidelines:


    • Students should arrive at school physically clean and wearing clean clothing.
    • Hair should be clean and neatly combed so that vision is not blocked.


    • Hats/caps/sunglasses are not allowed inside the school building.
    • Dangling chains or bandanas may not be worn on campus.


    • For student safety, closed-toe athletic shoes must be worn at all times (crocs, slides, flipflops and boots are not permitted).


    • Clothing that exposes the mid part of the body is not permitted.
    • Mesh tops & tank tops are prohibited as are t-shirts with offensive language or pictures.  They should not advertise alcohol, tobacco or other inappropriate substances.
    • Oversized pants and shorts are prohibited.
    • Students should wear shorts or pants on days when P.E. and/or outdoor recess is scheduled.
    • Shorts/skirts should be no shorter than 5” above the middle of the knee.


     Clothing, make-up and/or hairstyles deemed to be inappropriate or disruptive to the learning environment will be handled individually and discreetly.