• Southside Elementary is a Mandatory Uniform School! 

    All students are required to wear the school uniform daily.  The school will announce exceptions to the uniform policy to include “Southside t-shirt days”, “free days”, or other exceptions.   Uniforms with patches may be purchased online through our local partner Royal-Tees at http://shop.royal-tees.com/southsideschool/shop/home or purchased on-line at landsenduniforms.com. A portion of sales from Royal-Tees and Lands’ End purchases are returned to the school. Uniforms with patches may be purchased at Children’s World, 4525 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, 955-6999. Some items for uniforms (collared shirts, shorts, pants, etc.) without patches may also be purchased at Kohls, Target, Walmart, or Old Navy.


    All students are required to wear the school uniform daily. Uniform Requirements are as follows:


    1. Shirts:  The required Southside shirt is a collared polo shirt embroidered with the Southside emblem. They are available in red, white, or navy. Undershirts, in red, white, or navy may be worn under the collared polo shirt but may not show below the uniform shirt.  


    1. Coordinates:Children may coordinate navy, khaki, or red shorts or pants. (Please note: Denim may only be worn with prior administrative approval.) 
      1. Shorts and pants must be worn around the waist and must fit properly. Shorts must be mid-thigh to knee length. Athletic shorts in solid navy, khaki, or red may be worn. Athletic shorts may not have any stripes, nor messages. Small brand logos would be acceptable. 
      2. Girls may also wear navy, khaki (not brown or green), or red skirts, skorts, capris, jumpers (with the uniform collared shirts), or red or navy polo dresses no shorter than mid-thigh length. The jumper and polo dress require a patch with the school emblem to be adhered.  The patch is available for purchase in the school reception office.
      3. Shorts or leggings are expected to be worn under skirts, dresses, and jumpers. Solid color leggings in navy, khaki, white, or red are only allowed to be worn under bottoms but not alone as pants. If leggings are worn, they must be a solid uniform color. (Please note: Denim may only be worn with prior administrative approval and Lace or sequined skirts are not allowed).


    1. Shoes: Shoes must be closed-toed athletic or dress shoes (sandals or crocs are not allowed to be worn at school). For safety reasons,boots are not recommended for Kindergarten and 1st-grade students. Athletic shoes are preferred for Kindergarten and 1st-grade students. Athletic shoes are required for all grade levels on P.E. days and are strongly preferred every day due to recess.  Socks are a required part of the uniform. Solid colors are preferred M-Th, free choice of matching socks on Friday.


    School Emblem Patches:

    A patch is available for purchase in the school reception office. The patch is required for jumpers, polo dresses, and sweatshirts and should be adhered in the same location as the shirts. Parents may purchase a patch to sew on their child’s red, white, or navy collared polo shirt provided that it is the same style, color, and shade as the uniform shirt. Uniform items without a patch may be purchased at Kohls, Target, Walmart, or Old Navy. 


    Winter Options

    1. A long-sleeved version of the polo shirt may be worn.  
    2. Solid red, white or navy turtlenecks/long sleeve undershirts may be worn under the polo shirt, but may not show below the uniform shirt. 
    3. When our weather is cold enough to warrant a coat or jacket, any coat or jacket may be worn. Hoods are not to be worn in the buildings. Note:  If your child plans to wear a sweatshirt or sweater which will be taken off upon entering class, he/she must wear a uniform shirt with the school emblem underneath.  


    Uniform Assistance:  Uniform assistance is available.  Please inquire at the reception office.


    School Spirit Days: Friday or the last school day of the week are School Spirit Days.  Students may wear any Southside shirt with the appropriate navy, khaki, or red coordinates. 


    Hair: Students coloring their hair is NOT considered appropriate for school and is not allowed. Novelty headbands (kitty ears, unicorns, etc.) may be worn but if they are a distraction to others, individual teachers will address the concern.