• Volunteer Opportunities

    Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities!!!

    • Eagles Nest Reading Volunteer
    • School Advisory Council (SAC) Member
    • Media Center Volunteer
    • Cafe Volunteer
    • Enrichment Clusters
    • R&R Quarterly Celebrations
    • Book Fair
    • Pictures
    • Fifth Grade Advancement Parade
    • Mentor
    • Educational Field Trips

    Please get in touch with us if you are interested in helping out with any of these opportunities.

    Thank you,

    Toledo Blade Volunteers

    THE EAGLES NEST - Resource and Tutoring Program

    The Eagles Nest is a designated training & tutoring center on the TBES Campus. Volunteers including parents, grandparents, Business Partners & Community Residents are trained and then matched up to work with individual students ranging from grades K – 5 in specific academic areas where deficiencies have been noted. A minimum of 1 hour a week is requested and the results and positive impact on all parties involved are incredible!!! Stop by the Main office for more information. Volunteer form may be found below and on the home page under Resources.

    S.A.C. - School Advisory Council

    The School Advisory Council consists of representation from staff, administration, and parents. The purpose of the School Advisory Council is to enhance school-site decision making, to serve in an advisory capacity to the principal regarding school improvement, to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan, and to provide input on the budget and use of the school improvement funds.


    The School Volunteer Program is a coordinated district-wide volunteer program that provides support through training, recruitment, orientation, recognition, networking, and enrichment for the school volunteers and the teachers with whom they work. School volunteers are fellow community members: parents, students, businesses, professional people, and retired citizens. They share their special knowledge, concern, skills, hobbies, and talents to provide support and enrichment for the instructional programs in the schools. Volunteers represent a limitless resource of expertise, attention, and affection to help today's youth succeed in school, cope with personal problems and expand their appreciation of retired volunteers. The pairing of a young student with an adult or retired citizen builds an early foundation to bridge the so-called generation gap. 

    To become a volunteer, please visit the district's Community Relations website: https://www.sarasotacountyschools.net/Page/1369. Following the FDLE criminal background check and approval, the school's volunteer coordinator will place you in your volunteer position. Please note, that you must register EACH YEAR.

    You do not need a teaching certificate or any special training…all you need is:

    • A genuine interest in helping students 
    • A commitment
    • A cooperative attitude with faculty and staff
    • Training if it is required for your volunteer placement
    • Flexibility and good health

    We look forward to your becoming a part of the Toledo Blade Elementary Volunteer Program.

    Note: There are additional screening requirements in order to be a Field Trip Chaperone. Please contact the school volunteer coordinator well in advance of the field trips in order to begin the "Level 2" clearance process.