• Dress Code & Uniforms

    It is our belief, at Toledo Blade Elementary, that our students’ self-esteem and behavior are greatly improved when they dress appropriately for school. The dress of students should be modest, tasteful, neat, and in compliance with dress code expectations/mandatory uniform policy at all times.

    The following is a list of some examples (not all-inclusive) that are unacceptable, and will be considered a violation of the Dress Code Expectations & Mandatory Uniform Policy:

    • DISTRACTING: Visually causing the focus to be on something other than learning (i.e.)
      • Unnatural hair color, Mohawks or other distracting hairstyles
      • Excessive Make-up
      • Inappropriate fitting ripped, tattered or torn clothing
      • Length of shorts, skirts/skorts must be to mid-thigh with an inseam of 6 inches or more
      • Shorts ARE expected to be worn under skirts
    •  DISRUPTIVE: Interrupting the learning environment (i.e.)
      • Clothing/items with an inappropriate message(s) referencing alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence
      • Multiple/excessive accessories, collectibles, etc.
      • Hats (unless in PE with the corresponding notice on file)
    •  DETRIMENTAL: May cause damage or injury (i.e.)
      • Wallet chains or choker chains
      • Large Earrings or Artificial Nails
      • Sunglasses
      • Cleated shoes, heelies (shoes with wheels), flip flops or sandals

    TBES Uniforms

    For your convenience, Toledo Blade uniform polos* are available in the school's Main Office. 
    Logo'd uniform shirts can be purchased for $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00! 
    *Limited to in-stock supply. Order forms will be available. 

    Non-logo shirts in approved colors can be purchased at the store of your choice. 

    Shirts:     Short or long-sleeved collared Polo shirts with or without logo. 
                    No button-up shirts authorized. 
                    Shirt Colors:  Gold, White, Light Pink, Light Blue, Navy Blue & Black

    BottomsShorts, Pants, Capris, Skirts, Skirts & Jumpers 
                    Bottom Colors: 
    Khaki, Navy Blue & Black - solid colors only. 
                    (Jeans allowed ONLY on Spirit Day)

    • Length of shorts, skirts/skorts must be to mid-thigh with an inseam of 6 inches or more
    • Shorts are expected to be worn under skirts
    • Leggings are only authorized to be worn under bottoms, not alone.  If leggings are worn, they must be in solid uniform colors.


    • Closed-toed/Fully enclosed shoes required
    • Sneakers required on PE day

    Socks:      Required - Solid uniform colors “preferred”

    Cold Weather Clothes:

    • Sweaters, sweatshirts & layered items must be a solid uniform color with no writing and no logos.

    School Spirit Days: "Last Day of the Week" - school Spirit shirts with uniform pants, jeans, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts, or jumpers (Example: Toledo Blade t-shirt, DARE t-shirt, etc.)

    Free Days: To be announced by the administration

    Picture Days:  

    • For Class Picture Days: Full uniform required
    • Individual Picture Days: Students may dress out of uniform but in full compliance with dress code expectations

    Enforcement: Random incentives will be distributed to encourage regular compliance.

    • 1st Offense - Call, note home, change into uniform attire
    • 2nd Offense - Call, note home, change into uniform attire, loss of work habit point(s)
    • After Five Days of non-compliance - Letter mailed home/ administrative team intervention

    New Students: Students who enroll at Toledo Blade after the beginning of the school year are to obtain and be in uniform as soon as possible. Until such time, new students must wear designated uniform colors.

    Uniform Trade-Ins/Exchange: Uniform trade-ins/exchange to occur at specified times during the year. (no ripped, tattered or stained clothing accepted) 

    Scholarships: Assistance provided - Applications are available in the main office (Verification of eligibility required) 

    Vendors: New! Polo with logo $10.00 or 3 for $25.00 can be purchased at Toledo Blade's Main Office. 
    Polo without logo $6.00-$9.00 (Walmart, Target, Kmart, Bealls, etc.) Bottoms can be purchased from any store as long as they meet specifications noted above.