• Dress Code & Uniforms* REVISED 22-23

    It is our belief, at Toledo Blade Elementary, that our students’ self-esteem and behavior are greatly improved when they dress appropriately for school. The dress of students should be modest, tasteful, neat, and in compliance with dress code expectations/mandatory uniform policy at all times.

    The following is a list of some examples (not all-inclusive) that are unacceptable and will be considered a violation of the Dress Code Expectations & Mandatory Uniform Policy:

    • DISTRACTING: Visually causing the focus to be on something other than learning (i.e.)
      • Unnatural hair color, Mohawks or other distracting hairstyles
      • Excessive Make-up
      • Inappropriate fitting ripped, tattered or torn clothing
      • Length of shorts, skirts/skorts must be to mid-thigh with an inseam of 6 inches or more
      • Shorts ARE expected to be worn under skirts
    •  DISRUPTIVE: Interrupting the learning environment (i.e.)
      • Clothing/items with an inappropriate message(s) referencing alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence
      • Multiple/excessive accessories, collectibles, etc.
      • Hats (unless in PE with the corresponding notice on file)
    •  DETRIMENTAL: May cause damage or injury (i.e.)
      • Wallet chains or choker chains
      • Large Earrings or Artificial Nails
      • Sunglasses
      • Cleated shoes, heelies (shoes with wheels), flip flops or sandals

    For your convenience, Toledo Blade uniform polos* are available in the school's Main Office and online at: https://osp.osmsinc.com/SarasotaFL/BVModules/CategoryTemplates/Detailed%20List%20with%20Properties/Category.aspx?categoryid=GC306 
    Logo'd uniform shirts can be purchased for $15.00 each. 
    *Limited to in-stock supply.

    Non-logo polo shirts in approved colors may be purchased at the store of your choice. 
    Uniform Policy