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    Toledo Blade’s excellent staff proudly meets the educational needs of North Port’s children and families every day.

    • A Golden School
    • A Five Star School
    • A PBIS Gold Level Model School
    • A Designated Sarasota South County Gifted Cluster Site – Home of the SOAR Program



    The Reward & Recognition Program at Toledo Blade is under the supervision of a very active steering committee of staff members. Reward & Recognition began at Toledo Blade in 2006-2007. This program serves to acknowledge the educational accomplishments and outstanding contributions of students, staff members, and patrons of the school. The students are recognized for academics, attendance, behavior, citizenship, and improvement. Members of the staff and the community are recognized for special efforts and valuable contributions. The Recognition Program is more than a program; it is an attitude that is contagious! The recognitions include but are not limited to, Caring Kids of the Month, Earning Your Wings, Cafeteria Awards, Love of Learning Celebration, and Quarterly Academic and Behavior Celebrations.

    Student Council

    The Student Council at Toledo Blade Elementary School prides itself on providing services to the students of Toledo Blade Elementary and our surrounding community. Council members participate in projects within the community and the school such as The Great American Clean-Up, Holiday Food Drive, Red Ribbon Week and much more. One student from each fourth and fifth-grade class are chosen to represent their peers and attend meetings once a month. Student Council students show that they care about the community and their peers!

    TBES News Team

    Lights! Camera Action! Each afternoon, Toledo Blade students are wrapping up the day with our daily news program. Fifth-grade students work every day to film a broadcast to inform the students of the latest interests and events happening on campus. The news team consists of student anchors, as well as a tech crew that operates the cameras, video mixer, soundboard, teleprompter, visualizer, and title maker. Together they produce a high-quality broadcast worthy of an Emmy.

    Technology Labs

    All children are participating regularly in our iReady instructional learning program. Time is spent evaluating students in order to individualize a path for learning. In order to provide individualized instruction to students in the classroom, resources are needed. iReady is a learning environment that offers a powerful combination of the management system, assessment, and curriculum resources to provide administrators, teachers, and students with tools to improve academic performance.

    Reading Counts

    Reading Counts is our reading incentive program where students can earn dog tags and/or other prizes for reading appropriate leveled books and performing 70% or better on the corresponding computer quizzes. We currently have over 40,000 Reading Counts quizzes available for our students.

    Reward & Recognition Assistants

    Toledo Blade’s Reward & Recognition program recognizes the educational accomplishments and outstanding contributions of students, staff members, and patrons of the school. Students are recognized for Academics, Behavior, Citizenship, and improvement. For this recognition to happen we call on our 5th grade student assistants to help with this work. They are eager to offer a helping hand when it comes to recognizing the amazing work of our school community.

    Safety Patrols

    Toledo Blade Elementary is proud to have a quality group of 4th-grade students as members of our school’s Safety Patrol Program. The purpose of the patrol is to help keep our campus safe by preventing accidents from occurring and to develop leadership qualities in our members. Membership in the Safety Patrol Program is an honor! Students are chosen based on their character and academic record. Patrols develop responsibility, an attention to duty, alertness, dependability, and a sense of social obligation. In addition to protecting the school, the benefits of having a School Safety Patrol range from leadership development and other aspects of personal growth to developing an appreciation of service for others and the desire to build a safer world for tomorrow.