• Attendance Office Contact Information: 

    Crystal Redding, Attendance Secretary
    Phone: (941) 923-1484

    Attendance Policy and Procedures 

    Acceptable reasons for an excused absence:
    • Student illness (documented by parent/guardian or medical doctor).
    • Observance of a religious holiday/service.
    • Medical appointment with documentation.
    • Documented major illness in the immediate family.
    • Death in the family.
    • Subpoena by a law enforcement agency or mandatory court appearance.
    • Other absences beyond the control of the parent, approved by the Principal.

    Absence Procedure 

    • Please click on the School Resource tab to print an Absence Excuse Form.
    • Students are to bring an absence excuse form, a note signed by their parent/guardian, or a note from a medical doctor to the Attendance Office upon returning from an absence.
    • The note must include the student’s first and last name, N number, date(s) of absence, and reason for being absent.
    • A parent/guardian can write a note to excuse their student 9 times per term.  After the 9th note, to excuse an absence, a doctor’s note is required.
    • Any student that has 15 unexcused absences within a rolling 90-day period is considered to be habitually truant and will be reported by the Sarasota County School Board to the Department of Highway and Safety and Motor Vehicles resulting in the suspension of a driver’s license or permit.


    Tardy Procedure

     Acceptable reasons to excuse a tardy fall under the same guidelines as an excused absence.

    Early Dismissal Procedure 

    • There are times when a student needs to leave school for an early dismissal. Please use the optional RHS Early Dismissal Passport form.  Fill out the form completely, sign it, and have your student bring the form to the Attendance Office in the morning before school starts.
    • Students leaving for early dismissal will bring the RHS form or parent/guardian note to the Attendance Office in the morning before school starts to receive a Passport.
    • When it is time for the student to leave school, the student will show the Passport to their teacher and this will allow the student to leave class.
    • The student then comes to the Attendance Office, stamps their passport, and can then leave campus.
    • Any student leaving before 1:45 for a medical/dental appointment must return to school with a note documenting the appointment to excuse any periods missed.


    Pre-arranged Multi-Day Absence Procedure 

    • Students who know they will be absent during a future date can bring a note to the Attendance Office and receive a Multi-Day Passport.
    • The note, (from the student’s parent/guardian), must include the student’s first and last name, N number, dates of pre-arranged absence, the reason for absence, and signature from parent/guardian.
    • The student will attach the note to the Multi-Day Passport.  The student will fill out the Multi-Day Passport and then take it to each of their teachers to sign.  Once signed by all teachers, the passport will need to be approved and signed by the student’s Assistant Principal.  The Assistant Principal has the right to deny approval.
    • After the Multi-Day Passport is completed the form must be turned into the Attendance Office.  

    Failure to fulfill these requirements will result in an unexcused absence