• Positive Behavior Expectations (PBS)

    Wilkinson participates in the district’s Positive Behavior Support Program.

    Student responsibility will be taught throughout the school and students will be held accountable to exercise consideration and respect for others. They will be expected and required to follow rules made in each class room for the purpose of permitting a desirable learning atmosphere in the school. 

    Download and Review our 2022-2023 PBS Guidebook Here

    ALL staff and students are expected to implement and follow our school-wide expectations: 

    Safe Actions

    Take Responsibility

    Eager to Learn

    Active Participation

    Mindful of Others

    All behaviors and expectations will be modeled on a regular basis. All classes are expected to walk in a straight, quiet line anytime they are on campus. All classes will be walked from the room out to the buses and parent pick-up. 

    A school-wide token economy system will be used for all students. Emphasis will be placed on maintaining appropriate discipline and student behavior throughout the school. Your administration is committed to total school-wide effort in this area. As parents and teachers, we must cooperate to maintain effective classroom discipline.