• Recognition Programs

    The purpose of the recognition program is to recognize the educational accomplishments and outstanding contributions of our students.  Students are recognized for academics, attendance, behavior, citizenship, and improvement.

    Quarterly Celebrations

    Each quarter the students who earn the quarterly recognition event are recognized with a special celebration.  In order to make the recognition each quarter, the students have to meet the following criteria:
    • Pass work habits
    • No D’s or F’s on a report card
    • No N’s or U’s
    • No office referrals

    IB Student of the Month

    Each month staff members selects one or two students to be recognized for showing exemplary characteristics for one of the IB Attitudes.  Students’ families are invited to attend a celebration where these students are recognized and presented with a certificate.

    Falcon Bucks

    During the school year, students may earn Falcon Bucks from any staff member for demonstrating great work habits.  Each quarter students will have an opportunity to spend their Falcon Bucks at the Falcon's Nest store.

    AR Reading Incentives

    Students have the opportunity to receive special dog tags for earning AR points.  Students with 100 AR points for the year earn a special spirit shirt to wear on Fridays.