• Uniform Policy

    • Phillippi polo-type shirts (with logo) are required Monday through Thursday (navy blue, royal blue, red, white, or hunter green). 
    • Shirts can be purchased in the school office.
    • Please Note:  Button-up shirts are not allowed.
    • Friday Options – Phillippi polo-type shirts or any Phillippi “spirit” t-shirt


    • Plain navy, khaki, black, or denim shorts, pants, skorts, or jumpers

    (Note:  Jumpers must have the school logo.)

    • Navy, red, royal blue, hunter green, and white polo-type dresses are allowed with the logo.
    • Shorts, pants, skirts, and skorts must not hang below the waist.
    • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers should be no shorter than mid-thigh.
    • Shorts or leggings are expected to be worn under skirts and jumpers.
    • Leggings are only allowed to be worn under bottoms, and not alone.
    • If leggings are worn, they must be a solid uniform color.
    • Coordinates cannot include embroidery or embellishments.
    • Athletic/sports clothing, including spandex, nylon and sweats material are not permitted.


    • Closed-toe athletic shoes with a back are required.
    • Please Note:  Boots are not allowed.


    • Socks must be a solid school uniform color (royal blue, red, white, hunter green, black, khaki, or navy).
    • Socks must match each other.

    Winter Options

    • Students may wear a coat, jacket, sweatshirt, or sweater.
    • Long-sleeved shirts are allowed to be worn underneath the uniform shirt but must be a uniform color.
    • Sweatshirts with the school logo can be purchased in the school office.

    Picture Days

    • Class Picture Day:  Full uniform required
    • Individual Picture Day:  Students may dress out of uniform but in full compliance with dress code expectations
    • Make-Up Picture Day:  Students may dress out of uniform for a picture but must put on the uniform after picture is taken


    Please see a staff member in the office if assistance is needed in purchasing uniforms.


    If the uniform policy is not followed, the following actions will be taken:

    • 1st & 2nd Infractions:  Student will be sent home with a “Dress Code Enforcement Ticket” explaining the violation, which is to be signed by the parent and returned to the classroom teacher the next day.  If available, the student will be provided with appropriate uniform clothes for the day. The student will receive a mark against work habits.
    • 3rd Infraction in a Quarter:  Student will fail work habits and will not be able to participate in the quarterly recognition celebration.
    • 4th Infraction in a Quarter:  Student will be sent to the office for an administrative intervention which may result in a referral and disciplinary action.