• Welcome to our Accelerated Reader Page

    The Accelerated Reader Program is a computerized learning information system developed by Renaissance Learning for use in the school setting. The program provides opportunities for students to practice reading skills suitable for their reading level. After reading an AR book, students test on the computer. The computer scores the quiz assigns points earned and keeps a personal record on each child throughout his/her school years. The company does not allow AR testing from home. Students may test throughout the day in their classrooms.

    Book levels and point values can be found through Accelerated Reader Bookfinder Website.  As long as the book is on AR Book Finder, a student can either check it out from our library if available, can check it out from a local public library, or can purchase it at a bookstore and test at school. It is most beneficial to always identify the test by quiz number when entering the AR program. Click on the icon below to access the AR Bookfinder. 

    Click on the link below to access Accelerated Reader Student Record online. Please note that students cannot access tests from home. AR tests must be taken during school hours. Once you input your N# and pin# you can view your current Accelerated Reader Record.  This is called Rennaisance Learning Home Connect.

    Apps available

    Accelerated Reader does have an app, but students are only allowed to access quizzes at school during school hours.  The company requires this of us with our use agreement.  The following are apps that will support their use of AR.

    Points Scan Free

    Points Scan lets you scan a book’s barcode with your smart phone and instantly link to AR™ information. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

    Straight Path Apps brings you the easiest, most convenient way to learn a book ‘s AR™ point value and level when you’re on the go. Simply scan the book’s ISBN (barcode) using your device's camera as a scanner and one screen later; you’ll see the book’s AR™ level, point value and quiz number. If your book doesn't have a barcode, no problem! Points Scan includes both a title and author search, as well.

    If you find a book you want to remember, you can also save it in a Favorites list. Renaissance Learning™ developed Accelerated Reader ™ and is no way associated with Straight Path Apps.