• Absences and Tardies

    Absence Note (Download PDF)

    Student Vacation Form (Download PDF)

    Notification must be given by the parent, preferably on the first day, but not later than the third day of a student’s absence. A child who is absent from school must present, upon return, a written excuse to the teacher signed by the parent/guardian. The note must explain the reason for the absence and the date. Excessive student absences for family outings are discouraged.

    Students at Bay Haven School of Basics Plus who are tardy, or leave school before the end of the day, must be in compliance with Florida Statute 228.041(13) and 6a-1.044(6)(a) School Board Education Rules to be counted as present for the day. The following procedure has been established to ensure consistent implementation of the School Board Student Absence Rules:

    • Basics Plus students are expected to be in class from 9:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
    • The office will notify teachers of late buses via morning announcements at 9:15 a.m. A written excuse from the parent will be required for tardy arrivals, early dismissals, and absences as outlined in the Student Handbook and contract commitments. 
    • After the 9:15 bell, your child will be marked tardy.
    • Teachers will inform all students in their classes about the School Board Student Absences Rule and information of the rule should be shared with parents or guardians via newsletter.
    • Definition of “EXCUSED” absence: a) Medical appointment, b) Illness, c) Religious holidays, and d) Educational trips (if approved in advance and log kept). Absences:
    1. After two (2) “Unexcused Absences” per semester, the teacher 
      will send a letter to the families informing them that two (2) more 
      “Unexcused Absences” will result in a visit from the school’s Social 
    2. After four (4) “Unexcused Absences” per semester, the school’s 
      Social Worker will visit the home and the student will be placed on 
      “Probation” for three (3) weeks. Any “Unexcused Absences” during the “Probation” will result in dismissal. 
    3. Any further “Unexcused Absences” after “Probation” will result in 
      “Probation” for the remainder of the year and additional 
      “Unexcused Absences” will result in dismissal.