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    Please reference Student/Family Handbook for further guidelines


    Students may wear their shirts with or without the logo.  Cranberry's uniform color polo shirts are solid red, gold, navy, light pink, light blue, purple, and white.  These are the only approved colored polo shirts that are allowed under our school uniform policy.  


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    Navy blue, black and tan pants or shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers may be worn.  Students are not allowed to wear cargo pants, corduroy, jeans, spandex, or any bottom coordinates with extra zippers and pockets, stripes or prints of any kind.


    Approved uniforms with the logo, and the spirit shirt which can be worn on Fridays, will be available for purchase at Cranberry Elementary School for $10 each. Payment is required at the time the shirts are purchased. Please see the bookkeeper to make your purchase.


    Solid school color, long sleeve shirts may be worn under the school uniform shirt for added warmth. Leggings/tights, worn under appropriate uniform bottoms, must be ankle length and a solid uniform color. No prints or designs are allowed.  


    Clothes should fit properly and be in good condition.


    Students may not wear colored hair such as red, pink, green, or blue, or any color or style that detracts students from the learning process.


    Uniform Coordinates

    • Uniform shirts must be tucked in. For kindergarten, pants with elastic waist is preferred. 
    • Uniform shorts must be no shorter than midway between the knees and hip. (For example, a 6" inseam on a child's size 10 shorts would be considered moderate and would cover the child's leg sufficiently so that he/she would be sitting comfortably on fabric rather than bare skin.) Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, and Jumpers must be longer than the fingertips extended downward.
    • Girls should wear shorts, pants, or skorts for P.E. and recess. If a skirt or jumper is worn, shorts must be worn underneath.
    • Socks must be solid white, black, or any of the other uniform colors.



    Students are required to wear sneakers daily for safety. Flip-flops, sandals and boots should not be worn.  Wheelies are not allowed to be worn on campus at any time.


    Enforcement of Dress Code

    Cranberry is a mandatory uniform school.  If your child comes to school without the proper uniform attire, he/she will be sent to the office to change into our uniform attire. You will receive notification. Primarily, the classroom teachers will enforce the dress code. However, all staff members have the authority to send any student out of uniform to the office when necessary. Teachers will make every attempt to handle enforcement discreetly and explain to the child the reason why his/her attire does not comply with the dress code. Please wash and return borrowed uniform to school within two days to make them available for other students who may need them.