• Dress Code

    Students, faculty, staff, and parent volunteers are expected to dress appropriately. Appearance should always be neat and clean.

    Students are expected to wear:

    • Shirts or blouses
    • Slacks (hemmed and "ride" on or above hip bones
    • Skirts or dresses
    • Shorts (must be hemmed, loose-fitting, at least mid-thigh/thumb length and "ride" on or above hip bones)
    • Shoes (compatible with physical education activities)
    • Sweaters or jackets as necessary
    • Clothing that covers undergarments

    Students may not wear:

    • Half-midriff outfits
    • Mesh or see-through garments
    • Strapless dresses, blouses or tube tops
    • Clothing with inappropriate messages or logos
    • Cutoffs or baggy shorts/pants
    • Backless shoes of any kind
    • High heels/platform shoes
    • Biker shorts
    • Tank tops (with straps less than 3 fingers wide)
    • Spaghetti strap tops
    • Hats or bandanas
    • Unusual hair color
    • Rollerblade sneakers
    • Leggings (only with long shirt completely covering bottom)

    You will be called to bring more appropriate clothing if a question arises.