About us


    “High Expectations for All”

    The community of Emma E. Booker Elementary School recognizes that students enter school with different backgrounds and experiences.  It is our belief that all children can be successful when accepted at their level of development.  By holding high expectations of parents, students, teachers, and administrators and using a no- fault approach, we believe we can lead every child toward becoming a productive and successful member of society.


    As a school community, we embrace the belief that all children can and will be successful, both socially and academically, when school, family, and community work together in an environment of mutual respect, acceptance of diversity, and a dedication to a common cause.

  • Our Mission, as a community of caring, is to offer a safe environment so that our students can grow in their education in order to be responsible, educated, and well-prepared people as they advance in their future.

    We need your support with the mission of the school, as it is the work of all the community.  There are certain things with your son’s/daughter’s education that you can help strengthen.  Although the list of your responsibilities is long, we ask that you continue to put emphasis on these aspects with your son/daughter:

    1. Daily attendance
    2. Being on Time
    3. Work habits
    4. Meetings at school
    5. The parent/guardian portal for student grades

    We appreciate your support of the EEB mission.  Please review the details of this handbook.  We look forward to seeing you during the school year, and we invite you to be part of the School Advisory Council and our Parent Teacher Organization (SAC/PTO). 

    As a collective community, we will continue to grow with success!