• Special Programs


    Music at Ashton Elementary focuses on singing, note reading, playing classroom instruments (including recorders in 3rd grade), listening, body movement, and creating.  Applications to life are explored through active engagement of music including cultural and other academic connections.  All of these experiences allow for a comprehensive music education that prepares students for middle school music programs and a lifelong appreciation for various musical genres.

    Every student will participate in musical activities during a 55 minute weekly class period.  A variety of strategies are used to teach musical standards through the Orff-Schulwerk process and note reading.  The Orff process of listening, singing, playing instruments, body movement, and creating allows students to learn through active participation.  Knowing the importance of language, students will learn how to read music notes and musical symbols while demonstrating their knowledge of instruments. In early grades, the music program is tied in with many literature books that students are reading in their classrooms.  Our kindergarten music classes follow the themed units that our Kindergarten classes are studying about each week. Primary classes learn note, rest and music terms through fun games that make their learning meaningful. The elements of music are covered at all levels. (Melody, Rhythm, Form, 
    Timbre, Tone Color, Dynamics and Tone Color). Third grade studies a comprehensive Recorder Karate Program.  In fourth grade, our students will make a homemade instrument.  This project is tied in with the other Special Area classes (Science, Art, and Tech).  Fourth and fifth-grade students will attend a live Symphony Orchestra Program that is performed by the Sarasota Orchestra. 

    The learning process allows students to develop at their own pace while providing challenges and meaningful experiences.  The skills learned in music are nurtured and cultivated while growth continues to develop through the years the child attends Ashton. 

    There are special opportunities for the students in addition to the weekly general music class.  The top 5 singers in fifth grade are selected to audition for the honorable All-State Elementary Chorus which performs early January in Tampa.

    Ashton Music Webpage at http://www.teacherweb.com/FL/Ashton/Tracey/                         

    Please visit and learn more about our music program.

    Today’s Technology for Tomorrow’s Leaders

    “Consider the world’s toughest problems and imagine them being solved by technology. Imagine the technology we use daily, such as our mobile devices, software, and gaming systems, aimed to address issues like disease, famine, and pollution.” This is the challenge we all face in the field of education today.

    Students at Ashton will have the opportunity to enhance what they are learning in the classroom through the use of technology. Master research skills using county provided tools and interpreting the information by placing what they learned in a presentation (PowerPoint, Kid Pix and Active Studio). Understanding the importance and ramifications of social networking, also be able to link to other students outside of the United States. The use of cameras, handheld devices, and other multimedia tools will give the students an understanding of how all these pieces fit together in the world of technology.

    Students will also use the computers to work on an instructional learning system, such as SuccessMaker which deals with skills in the area of reading and math. Mimic the feel of an online class through the use of “Learn”. Know how to use the online resources provided by the publishing companies to support classroom textbooks. The goals and objectives that will be accomplished throughout the school year are set through ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) http://www.iste.org/standards/nets-for-students.aspx.


    My name is Regina Miller and I am the art teacher here at Ashton Elementary.  As a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, I look forward to bringing out the artist in each and every child, addressing their individual abilities.

    The art program will consist of a variety of projects, but will generally include: individual discovery, group critiques, experimentation in media, 2D and 3D art, instruction in the use of art elements/principles and all criteria will be based on the Sunshine State Standards.

    Each student experience in the art program will create positive attitudes towards self, others and beyond.  As an art teacher, I hope to inspire the students to appreciate art and its history.  Modeling and coaching is my approach to helping students become independent artists.

    I look forward to a wonderful and fulfilling year.

    Physical Education

    Here at Ashton School, we feel each student has 10 Bill of Rights to participate in Physical Education.

    • Right to participate
    • Right to participate at a level commensurate with each child’s maturity and ability
    • Right to have qualified adult leadership
    • Right to play as a child and not as an adult
    • Right of children to share in the leadership and decision-making of their choice of activity
    • Right to participate in safe and healthy environments
    • Right to proper preparation for participation
    • Right to an equal opportunity to strive for success
    • Right to be treated with dignity
    • Right to have fun!


    Ashton’s drama class helps kids learn to let go of inhibitions and use their imaginations to create. Through dance, games, books, and plays, students explore many different ways to “actor pretend”. Emotions are explored by going from calm to extreme! Characters are analyzed and described as students look deeper into story and motivation. Puppets are incorporated to help with Kindergarten shyness and role-playing solving everyday problems. All this culminates with each class performing a short play with student-created costumes and props.