• Ashton REACH Program


    Challenging each student to REACH his or her full potential and using differentiated instruction to REACH each and every child. As a REACH team, WE BELIEVE that each child's educational experience is enhanced when...A stimulating learning environment offers an enriched curriculum while fostering exploration, creativity & divergent thinking. A team approach to instruction is coupled together with a focus on the whole child. Differentiated instruction is tailored to meet students’ individual and unique learning styles/needs. Technology is used as a vital part of a child's education

    Students are provided the opportunity & encouraged to utilize their talents to reach out and give back in the community


    • All students meeting Sarasota County gifted eligibility criteria are given priority "consideration" for placement into the REACH program
    • Non identified gifted students must re-qualify annually on the REACH matrix to be "considered" eligible for placement into the program. The matrix includes Academic Performance; Achievement Testing for reading and math; academic grade average; work habits; attendance and behavior.


    The REACH program is based on the best practices in Gifted Education (including the philosophies of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences). Lessons, activities, and projects will be designed to meet the specific needs of each child.

     Some of the best practices are:

    • Theme based projects
    • Technology integrated into content areas
    • Integrated units
    • Math investigations
    • The teaching of higher order thinking skills
    • Creative problem solving
    • Use of Multiple Intelligences


    • Modifications to curriculum that adjust for the pace and depth of learning
    • Inclusion of interdisciplinary enrichment materials
    • Guided in-depth studies of special interest areas emphasizing student product development
    • Instruction modified to meet the “learning style” of the students.