• Nondiscrimination Policy and Charging Policy

    Unpaid Meal Charges Policy

    It is necessary on some occasions for a student to charge meals, but charges shall not be unlimited. This policy will be provided in writing to each household at the beginning of the year and to new/transfer students at the time of enrollment. The procedure for limiting and collecting charges is as follows:

    First Level:
    Students are allowed to charge up to $6.00 before a personal phone call from the FNS Manager is made to the student’s home. A letter from the FNS Manager and Principal, explaining the charges and payment options, along with Free and Reduced application information are mailed to the student’s home.  A copy of this letter is sent to the school’s Guidance Counselor.  The date of the first call home and the date the letter is mailed are documented on the Manager Notification Record. 

    Second Level:

    1. Once $12.00 in charges is reached, the FNS Manager, Guidance Counselor, or school-based administrator meets with the students who have reached the charge limit.  The date of this meeting is recorded on the Manager Notification Record. The student receives an alternative meal after the $12.00 is exceeded.  Each alternative meal will cost $.75 and will be repaid to FNS. 

    NOTE: Students approved for free meals will not be denied a meal and will not be served the alternative meal. The cashier will take special care to avoid overt identification of the student’s eligibility status.

    2. A report of students who have negative balances of $12.00 or greater will be sent to the school Principal and the FNS Area Supervisor on a weekly basis with an indication of action taken. 

    • Automated phone messages to students’ homes continue to be made three times a week, M, W, F, from the Central FNS Office.

    Charge slips are given to the students at the time of each charge.

    • Charges are never to be accounted for as free lunches.
    • When a student charges a meal, the cashier will record the amount owed and give the charge slip to the student.
    • Adults may not charge meals or ala carte items.
    • Students may not charge ala carte items.
    • Students may not purchase ala carte food items any time they have a negative balance.