• Jessica Lunsford FAQs


    What is Level 2 screening?

    Level 2 means that the person is fingerprinted, followed by a statewide criminal and juvenile justice records check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and federal criminal records check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Level 2 screening may also include local criminal records checks through local law enforcement agencies. 

    The person “must meet Level 2 screening requirements as described in s. 1012.467 [Florida Statutes].” That section states that “persons subject to this subsection found through fingerprint processing to have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude shall not be employed, engaged to provide services, or serve in any position requiring direct contact with students.” 

    What is “Conviction” of a crime? 

    For purposes of complying with this law, conviction means that the person has been found guilty of, regardless of adjudication, or entered a plea of nolo contendere or guilty to the crime. The Board also treats things like pre-trial intervention as a finding of guilt. Persons who have a pending (open) criminal case will not be allowed to work with the SCSB until their case is adjudicated. 

    What is a disqualifying crime? 

    A noninstructional contractor for whom a criminal history check is required under this section may not have been convicted of any of the following offenses designated in the Florida Statutes, any similar offense in another jurisdiction, or any similar offense committed in this state which has been redesignated from a former provision of the Florida Statutes to one of the following offenses:

    1. Any offense listed in s. 943.0435(1)(a)1., relating to the registration of an individual as a sexual offender.
    2. Section 393.135, relating to sexual misconduct with certain developmentally disabled clients and the reporting of such sexual misconduct.
    3. Section 394.4593, relating to sexual misconduct with certain mental health patients and the reporting of such sexual misconduct.
    4. Section 775.30, relating to terrorism.
    5. Section 782.04, relating to murder.
    6. Section 787.01, relating to kidnapping.
    7. Any offense under chapter 800, relating to lewdness and indecent exposure.
    8. Section 826.04, relating to incest.
    9. Section 827.03, relating to child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or neglect of a child.

    For Individuals Working in Direct Contact with Students

    Individuals whose responsibility will include working directly with students will not be approved if any of the following information is part of their criminal history:

    Any misdemeanor record (Including any conviction, finding of guilt, withholding of adjudication, commitment to a pretrial diversion program, or entering a plea of guilty or Nolo Contendere) for any criminal offense within the last five(5) years other than a “minor traffic violation.  Note that DUI and DWI convictions are not considered as “minor”.  DUI- more  than one (1) in (5) five years.

    Any felony record (including any conviction, finding of guilt, withholding of adjudication, commitment to a pretrial diversion program, or entering a pleas of guilty or Nolo Contendere) for any criminal offense within the last ten(10) years.

    Any felony record that involves crimes of violence, drugs, sex, the elderly, the disabled, or children, no matter how long ago the applicant was convicted.

    For further information please contact the Sarasota School District Police Department at 941-927-9000 ext 31132.

    In plain language what does this mean to vendors or those with contracts with the school board?

    If you are a vendor or contractor (e.g. someone who fills vending machines, repairs equipment, provides a service, etc.) and you come on any Sarasota County School campus during times when students are present or have access to our children or funds, you MUST receive a Level 2 screening by the Sarasota County School Board to ensure that you can be on campus. If a person does not meet Level 2 screening standards, he or she will not be permitted to conduct business on school board property as a vendor or contractor.


    Procedural and Other Impact Questions

    When can vendors and contractors be Level 2 screened? 

    Fingerprinting services are available. To schedule an appointment for one employee or your entire group, call one of the following: 
    927-9000 x 31132 

    Where do vendors and contractors go to be screened? 

    Fingerprinting is conducted at: 
    The Landings Complex at 1960 Landings Boulevard  Blue Awning, 1st Floor 

    What is the cost? 

    Each individual screening will cost $93.85 This includes the processing by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the cost of your identification badge. To renew, replace or obtain a new badge, the cost will be $10.00.

    How do vendors, contractors, or individuals pay? 

    You can pay by money order or cashier's check made payable to School Board of Sarasota County . You must have a picture identification with you at the time of fingerprinting. 

    How long will it take to be Level 2 screened? 

    At least fifteen minutes and perhaps longer depending on the volume of those needing to be screened. 

    What are the hours for the screening office? 

    At this time, screening is by appointment.  

    Once individuals have been fingerprinted, and photographed, how do vendors or contractors prove that they have been screened? 

    Those who have passed the screening will be provided an ID card. 

    Once issued a Level 2 photo identification card, the individuals are REQUIRED to have it in their possession when they come on a Sarasota County School Campus, and provide it when checking in at the office or requested by a SCSB employee. 

    If an individual fails the screening, does the employer learn why? 

    No, the specific reason will not be disclosed. 

    If a local law enforcement agency is willing to train our company how to screen our own employees, will that be acceptable if we provide proof? 

    No. The statute requires a Level 2 screening, not a local check. A Level 2 screening involves a check of FBI and FDLE files. Your company would not be able to secure access to these files. Therefore all screening must be completed by Sarasota County Schools who will issue an ID for our facilities. 

    Do all vendors and contractors have to be screened by every district with which they do business? Will the Sarasota County Schools accept screening from another District? 

    There is a process that allows inter-district reciprocity.