• High School

    Community Service & Volunteer Hours

    Service hours are required for the Bright Futures Awards: Florida Academic Award requires 100 hours; Florida Medallion Award requires 75 hours; Gold Seal Vocational requires 30 hours; Gold Seal CAPE Scholars Award (new for 2016-2017 graduates) requires 30 hours.

    Community Service Requirements

    • Must be completed at a non- profit or for-profit organization addressing a social or civic issue that interests the student.
    • Must be supervised by the organization’s employee who is not related to the student.
    • Must be completed after the student’s promotion to grade 9 and before high school graduation.
    • Beginning July 1, 2016, students must identify a social or civic issue, develop a plan for his or her personal involvement and reflect upon the experience
    • Students must be pre-approved through this site or through their school for their requested community service. Parents will receive an email showing approval or denial of the request if the student’s school uses this site.
    • High school credit is not earned for community service
    • Guidelines for community service are on this site.  Please read carefully.
    • High School community service hours are to be completed in Sarasota County.
    • Travel time to the organization’s site is not included in the log sheet.  Only the hours of direct service to the organization are to be documented on the log sheet.

    This electronic approval is available to students attending: Booker High School, Island Village Montessori-Venice, Pine View School, Sarasota High School, Riverview High School, Sarasota Virtual School, Suncoast Polytechnical High School, Sarasota Military Academy, State College of Florida Collegiate School, Student Leadership Academy, Venice High School, Imagine at North Port and North Port High School.

    Community Service Plan and Evaluation form:         

    A community service plan is a form that must be filled out for EACH site the student performs community service.  The student must identify and write about a social or civic issue and develop a plan for addressing the issue.  A reflection upon the experience is also required.  This form is available through this site

    Log Sheets:
    Once approval is confirmed through an email to the parent, the student can log into their account and print a log sheet to take to the community service site for signatures.  Each day and time should be logged and a signature from the parent and an adult at the site are required.

    >>>>The log sheets and community service plan and evaluation forms are to be retained by the student until all the hours are completed prior to graduation.  The forms must be taken to the community service representative at the high school for verification and given to the registrar for entry on the transcript.

    To log your highschool volunteering hours, please register first within our system!