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    This the website of the Florida Department of Community Affairs Building Code Information System! This site provides access to public and secured electronic information associated with the Florida Building Code.

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    There are five service areas within the Department of Community Affairs but our mission remains the same; to serve the fine people of Florida in times of crisis and to prepare for the exciting future.

    Florida Statutes
    Official internet site of the Florida Legislature

    The Bureau of Educational Facilities provides basic technical support for facilities related responsibilities and concerns of public school boards and community colleges in Florida. The section employs architects, engineers and educational specialists who train and provide information related to the planning, construction and maintenance of public educational buildings.

    Florida Accessibility Code is now part of the Florida Building Code

    Miami-Dade Product Control Division
    Products such shutters, windows, doors, pre-fabricated buildings, truss plates and the like, require approval through the issuance a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from the Product Control Division, or applicable tests from acceptable testing facilities prior to their use in construction. The Product Control Division is a link between two very distinct industries, manufacturing and construction, and provides oversight of this interaction to minimize the probabilities of Code violations. 

    Sunshine State One Call  -  Before you Dig
    It is State Law, Chapter 556 "Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act" that prior to any excavating or digging, the entity that will be doing the digging needs to contact Sunshine State One Call (1-800-432-4770) in order to insure that any underground utilities have been identified and flagged prior to the start of their work.

    Gulf Coast Builders Exchange

    AIA   Florida Gulf Coast Chapter