• Hospital Homebound

    When a student experiences a medically diagnosed physical or mental condition which confines the student to home or hospital and whose activities are restricted for an extended period of time, the Hospital/Homebound program of instruction can become a critical element in providing continuity to the student's education. The Homebound Program is for those students whose medical condition prohibits attendance in a regular school program and who are under medical care for an illness or injury which is acute or catastrophic in nature.

    Program Requirements
    The attending physician must complete the medical referral form and recommend Homebound instruction. If the condition is psychological, the psychiatrist needs to complete this form.

    The student is expected to be confined to the home at least 15 school-days from the date the physician's referral reaches the school.

    Both the medical referral form and the student application forms are available from the school counselor or downloadable from below. With few exceptions, electives, foreign languages, and laboratory courses are not covered by Homebound instruction.

    Contact Information
    For further information regarding the Homebound or Hospitalized Program, call 927-9000, ext 34330.