• Gifted Information

    Thank you for your interest in Sarasota County’s Gifted Programs. Both the community and the school district are proud of the quality of programming options offered to our students. There is a continuum of services to meet the individual academic needs of gifted students. For general information regarding gifted eligibility and programs, please call (941) 927-4177 or contact your districted school directly. For information regarding magnet programs for the gifted, contact one of the following schools. Gifted magnet programs are located at Pine View School, Fruitville Elementary, Booker Middle, Sarasota Middle, Venice Elementary, Laurel Nokomis School, Toledo Blade Elementary, and Woodland Middle School. Below are essential deadlines to follow for the 2024-2025 gifted magnet application. For more information, please click on the sub-menus.




    Deadline to request gifted screening and evaluation for gifted magnet consideration completed by the districted school.

    January 19, 2024

    Deadline to inform the districted school that a private evaluation will be submitted. This will allow the school to complete gifted rating scales and other required components by the submission deadline (for magnet programming only). Proof of Residency must be established. 

    March 22, 2024

    Deadline for the Gifted Magnet Application and all required documents, including private evaluations, rating scales, grades, and letters of recommendation. Out-of-county applications go directly to the magnet site. 

    April 5, 2024


    Resource Guide for the Education of Gifted Students in Florida

    Gifted Assessment Information