• Sarasota County Schools Internship Requests

    Internship and Field Experience requests may include varying levels of placement needs. These can include observation hours, field placements, clinical placements, and practicums. We are happy to host interns of all levels in Sarasota County Schools. The chart below explains the requirements for the different types of internships and field experiences. Read carefully to determine what type of internship you are seeking with the district as well as the steps to secure a placement within the district.

    For any questions, contact Seth Gardner, Talent Acquisition and Retention Coordinator: seth.gardner@sarasotacountyschools.net

    Pre-Service Internship Placement Process (Including undergraduate and graduate work seeking instructional, counseling, social work, therapist, or psychologist certifications).

    Type of Internship

    Criteria for Assignment

    Process and Requirements to Secure Placement with the Sarasota County School District

    Clinical Experience or Final Internship/Practicum

    • All levels of programs requiring consistent student interaction
    • Majority of semester is spent in a full-time capacity, sharing the role as primary instructor for the course.
    • Takes responsibility for planning and implementing instruction for all students.
    • Final experience in clinical education experience.

    University/College coordinates placement:

      1. University/College representatives must request an intern placement using this link: FINAL CLINICAL PLACEMENT REQUEST LINK (Click Here). This link should not be completed by the intern.
      2. SCS secures and/or verifies Affiliation Agreements (see Affiliation Agreement links below) are on file.
      3. Seth Gardner, Talent Acquisition and Retention Coordinator, contacts the university/college representative with placement information.
      4. Teaching Interns will complete the Substitute/Instructional Certified Application Process, which includes fingerprinting and drug testing, by registering as a “New External Applicant User” (click here) through the Online Application System of SCS.
        • If you are currently an employee of SCS, but not Instructional/Certified, you will need to log in as a “Current SCS Employee” and “Add New Application”.
      5. Safety and Security will generate an “Intern” Badge which the Intern will receive at intern orientation.
      6. Interns must wear their SCS district badge while on any school campus.

    Field Experiences, Practicums or Observations

    • All levels of programs that require some interaction with students, but always under the supervision of appropriate school staff.
    • Part time placement (i.e., 2 days a week or 20 hours total)
    • May provide varying levels of instructional support to students, but all under supervision of certified staff.
    • May be required to develop and present lessons to students.


      1. The college/university student must request a placement using the Field Experience Placement Form (Click Here).
      2. Seth Gardner, Talent Acquisition and Retention Coordinator, will contact the college student with placement information.
      3. College Student completes College Field Experience Fingerprinting Application (click here), which includes Level 2 screening.
        • Choose “Field Experience or Observation” in “Start New Form” in the application.  Fingerprinting is valid for 5 years.
      4. College Student placement is assigned once Level 2 screening is completed.
      5. College Student secures documentation from university/college communicating assignment requirements and provides this information to their field experience teacher. (i.e., syllabus or assignment)
      6. Whenever a college student visits campus, they must check in at the front office with a government photo ID, where they office staff will provide them with an SCS district RAPTOR badge/sticker, which must be worn while on campus.

    Screening Process

    All levels of internships need Level 2 screening. This includes observations, field placements, internships, clinical, and practicum requests. Level 2 means that the person is fingerprinted, followed by a statewide criminal and juvenile justice records check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and federal criminal records check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Level 2 screening may also include local criminal records checks through local law enforcement agencies.

    Fingerprinting requires a fee. The fingerprints are valid in Sarasota County Schools for 5 years.  More information about this screening process can be found here.

    Use the following link to begin the application for Level 2 screening: College Field Experience Fingerprinting Application (click here)