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  • Simple Ways to Support Your Student at Home

    1. Review the resources in the FSA Portal: www.fsassessments.org. Sample test items are available.
    2. Have students practice independent reading for extended periods of time to build endurance. 
    3. When reviewing homework with your student, ask WHY? or HOW DID YOU KNOW? to have them explain their answers.
    4. Ask students to provide evidence in everyday discussions and disagreements. Ask children about what they see in the outside world, what they are reading about in school and watching on television.
    5. Encourage children to write at home, underline important details or take notes while reading, and to “do the math” that pops up in everyday life.
    6. Remind students to include text-based evidence to support their answers on homework.
    7. Help your student to relieve stress and anxiety. Provide encouragement and show a positive attitude toward the test. Talk about the FSA with your child and alleviate any misconceptions they may have.
    8. Ensure proper rest and good nutrition.

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