• High School Graduates of Sarasota County Public Schools will:

    • Be college and career ready.
    • Be ready to assume active roles as citizens and community members.
    • Be instilled with a readiness, an eagerness and the ability to learn more.

    To ensure this vision for each student, 
    Sarasota County Public High Schools commit to: 

    • Setting high expectations for all students and staff, focused on increased student 
      engagement, curriculum alignment, instructional rigor and relevance, and 
      improved relationships at all levels. 
    • Being data-driven at the district, school and classroom levels. 
    • Providing engaged, aligned and rigorous instruction to ALL students, in a 
      technology rich environment. 
    • Making sure that every student is known by, and connected to, at least one adult 
      within the school. 
    • Integrating college readiness and career preparation into each student’s plan for 
    • Streamlining and aligning policies and practices to support student learning at 
      each school. 
    • Creating a secondary school strategic approach that is embedded in a process of 
      August 28, 2006 continuous improvement (not a one shot reform or redesign) that will transcend 
      time and is not limited to a few schools. 
    • Providing systemic, appropriate and timely professional development for all staff.
    • Involving parents, community, business and post-secondary partners in the life of 
      the schools and in the desired results for all students.

    Sarasota County Public High Schools also commit to providing the following high school educational experiences for all students:

    An environment for teaching and learning organized in small learning communities of a cohort of students and teachers, including an administrator and guidance counselor, who stay together over the course of four years. These communities will include heterogeneous groups of 300 - 400 students.

    A smaller learning community that will:

    • Be career-themed, reflecting global, regional and local academic, workforce and industry standards.
    • Provide 9th grade students with a freshman experience, and 12th grade students with a senior transition experience.
    • Develop a six-year [4 +2] academic and career plan for each student.
    • Allow students to participate fully in an array of academic and enrichment experiences, including athletics and the arts.
    • Provide students with the opportunity to pursue majors, minors, Bright Futures Scholarships, Gold Seal diplomas, dual/college enrollment, CTE certification, and community service and work-based learning experiences.
    • Support students through an advisory/family advocacy program.
    • Involve teachers in regular common planning time by smaller learning community cohort and by discipline.

    An academic program that will:

    • Deliver high standards curricula, by highly qualified instructors, in a flexible block schedule format.
    • Provide well-articulated CTE completer sequences and ongoing career awareness and exploration opportunities.
    • Ensure high quality curriculum and instruction that focuses on rigor and relevance, actively engages students and takes full advantage of technology.
    • Provide support for English language learners, special education students, students performing below grade level, and students who receive below a “C” in any academic course.
    • Include accelerated learning opportunities (including honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and dual enrollment).
    • Offer multiple graduation enhancement opportunities, including Gold Seal, Bright Futures, and other advanced credentials.

    A strong transition experience from middle school that will include:

    • Working with teachers and guidance counselors to identify student strengths, needs and goals.
    • Mapping of curriculum horizontally and vertically across grade levels.
    • Identification of students not yet ready to fully succeed in 9th grade.
    • A transition “Summer Bridge” academic, study, and personal skill development program.
    • Orientation to high school programs.
    • A guidance and career counselor support program linked to community resources, SCTI, postsecondary institutions and the business community.

    An assistant principal and guidance counselor connected to each high school small learning community to facilitate and support academic success for all students.

    A school climate that is safe, respectful of all, equitable, and culturally rich in programs and services to meet the diverse needs and interests of all students.