• Summer Reading Camp (SRC)

    Summer Reading Camp is offered to third graders who need more time and instruction before being promoted to the fourth grade. Only students who score a Level 1 on the Florida Standards Assessment for English/Language Arts (FSA/ELA) are eligible to attend Summer Reading Camp. The six-week program runs Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM-1:30 PM. At the end of SRC, enrolled third graders who pass an alternative assessment will be promoted to the fourth grade.

    What schools are participating?

    • Third graders from all elementary schools (including charter) are eligible to attend if they score a Level 1 on the FSA/ELA and do not have a Good Cause Exemption. Students are assigned to one of three SRC sites based on geographic area.

    Do parents/guardians need to register?

    • Yes, schools will send home the SRC application to parents of students who will potentially qualify. After FSA results are received, parents of any students who registered and received an FSA score higher than a Level 1, will be notified that their child is no longer eligible.

    Is Participation Mandatory?

    • Students who earn a Level 1 on the FSA/ELA and do not have a Good Cause Exemption are expected to attend SRC. If students attend and pass the assessment at the end of SRC, they are promoted to 4th grade. If a qualifying student does not attend SRC, they will be retained in 3rd grade.


Summer Reading Camps