• Students will be afforded the opportunity to make up work for an excused absence, as outlined in the school district student progression plan and in district attendance procedures. 
    • Students have the responsibility to turn in work on time that was assigned while on field trips or school-sponsored activities unless they have made prior arrangements with the teacher.   

    201.1 — Unexcused Absences

    • A student who has 15 unexcused absences within 90 calendar days is a habitual truant under state law. The student may be dealt with as a child in need of services under §984, F.S. In addition, the parent/guardian may be subject to criminal prosecution under §1003.24, F.S. 
    • Students will be afforded an opportunity to make up work for an unexcused absence. There may be some academic penalty in accordance with attendance policies and procedures. 
    • When students are late to school or leave school early without an adequate excuse, the tardy or early dismissal will be unexcused. 

    201.2 — Family Vacations

    • Family vacations are not automatically excused absences and are at the discretion of the principal or designee. Parents are encouraged to contact the school prior to family vacations. 

    201.3 — Arrival and Departure

    • Tardiness is disruptive to the learning environment and has a negative impact on student achievement. Tardiness and early departures without a reasonable excuse will be documented in the attendance record.
    • For student safety, parents should ensure that their children do not arrive at school until appropriate supervision is available on campus. 
    • Unless involved in a supervised activity, students must leave school grounds immediately upon dismissal. 
    • Check with the school office to see if before-school or after-school child care is available. 
    • Parent/Guardian with whom the student resides must inform the school in writing if an early dismissal is to occur. 

    201.4 - Driver’s License Law
    Students ages 14 to 18 who drop out of school prior to graduation or who have 15 unexcused absences in a 90-day period will be reported to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Monitoring of attendance for driving privileges is done during class periods. Students who hold a Florida driver’s license may have their license suspended if they accumulate excessive periods of unexcused absence. Students who have not yet received their driver’s license may be unable to obtain a license. Application for reinstatement of the driving privilege can be made after the student has attended school for 30 days with no unexcused absences. There is a hardship appeal process; parents/guardians should check with school administration for information regarding appeals.