• 103.0 -- Transportation

    103.1 — Bus Service
    Transportation is provided to students in grades K-12 if they live more than two miles from school. Transportation may or may not be provided for students who live outside the attendance boundaries of the school they attend.  Parents/guardians have responsibility for the control and direction of students at the bus stop. All students have responsibility for their behavior on the school bus and at the school bus stop. The Sarasota County Schools Transportation Department may be reached at 486-2141. The district’s website, www.SarasotaCountySchools.net, includes information about all bus routes.

    School bus transportation is a privilege, not a right.  This privilege can be denied for unacceptable behavior on a bus.

    Riding the bus is a privilege; students have a RESPONSIBILITY to:

    • Obey the driver’s instructions.
    • Arrive at the assigned stop five minutes before pickup time, stand away from the road, board the bus when it has stopped and the doors have opened. The bus will not wait for students who are tardy.
    • Cross the roadway in the proper manner.
    • Ride the assigned bus and not board or depart the bus at any stop other than the assigned stop, unless authorized by the principal and the Transportation Department. Sit in the assigned seat; standing or trying to change seats while the bus is in motion is dangerous.
    • Remain seated wearing your seat belt and facing forward at all times when the bus is moving. Keep all portions of the body inside the bus.
    • Refrain from spraying and/or applying scented perfumes/sprays/lotions while on the bus or just before boarding the bus.
    • Remain absolutely quiet at railroad crossings, for the safety of all on board.
    • Abide by school bus policies while on the bus.
    • Refrain from throwing any items from the windows of the bus.
    • Realize that parents/guardians and students may be held responsible for any unacceptable behavior by a student on the bus.
    • Know that littering or throwing objects inside or at the bus is not allowed and may be subject to criminal charges.
    • Be aware that parents/guardians and students will be held responsible for all vandalism to the bus by students, and that restitution will be required.
    • Refrain from obscene language or gestures on the bus.
    • Refrain from bringing animals or anything in a glass container on the bus, or any articles disruptive to the safe operation of the school bus. This includes science specimens and experiments. Bulky or objectionable articles, including scooters, skateboards or large musical instruments that cannot be held in the student’s lap will not be permitted on the bus.
    • Refrain from blocking the aisles or emergency exits with objects.
    • Refrain from displaying posters or signs from the bus windows.
    • Wear seat belt at all times while on the bus.


    103.2 — Vehicles on School Property     
    The use of automobile or bicycle transportation is a privilege granted by school district authorities if parking space is available. A student with a valid driver’s license may be permitted to drive his or her automobile to school if written consent from his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and a written agreement to comply with all the school district rules relating to student vehicles are filed with the principal or designee.

    Any student violating this rule shall be denied permission to bring his or her vehicle to school until such time as the principal or designee restores the privilege. This privilege may be revoked at any time by school district officials. Reasons for said revocation include, but are not limited to, violations of federal, state or local laws and school board/district individual school policies and rules. Any vehicle entering the school area is subject to search by school authorities and the law enforcement officers working with them. School officials may conduct the search based on “reasonable suspicion.” A search may be conducted without a warrant for any reasonable purpose. A search of the vehicle includes all compartments and components thereof. Once a search begins, the person who owns and/or drives the vehicle will not be permitted to remove it from the premises during the duration of the search.


    103.3 — Bicycle Helmets      
    Florida State Law §316.2065 requires a bicycle rider or passenger less than 16 years of age to wear a bicycle helmet that meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute. Bicycle helmets must be worn by anyone under the age of 16 riding a bicycle. 


    103.4 — Transportation in Private Vehicles     
    Any private vehicles used to transport students shall be currently registered in the state of Florida, be insured for personal injury protection and property damage liability in at least the minimum amounts required by law, and be in good working order. A person wishing to transport students in a private vehicle will request approval by submitting his/her driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance I.D. card to the principal in a reasonable amount of time before the planned travel. The principal will examine the driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance card, and may, in his or her discretion, give approval for the transportation of students in the private vehicles as requested. A student who is transported to any activity in a private vehicle shall return from the activity in the same vehicle unless the student is released to his or her parents. Student transportation in private vehicles may only be authorized for trips within the state of Florida. When transportation is authorized in a private vehicle, students may only be transported in designated seating positions and shall be required to use the occupant crash protection system provided by the vehicle manufacturer. See School Board Policy 8.36 for more details about student transportation in private vehicles for athletics and other extracurricular events.

    A field trip/travel is a school-sponsored event if, and only if, parents/guardians are asked to sign an official district permission form that has also been signed by a student’s school administrator.

    Students transported to and from any field trip destination in school district buses and/or chartered buses have the responsibility to act in the appropriate manner as described in section 103.1 of this booklet. Any inappropriate behavior will be reported by the bus driver to the appropriate administrator for action.