• Section 4 – Academics

    400.0  Academic and Curriculum Information
              400.1  Honor Code  
              400.2  Grading Policy
              400.3  Report Cards
              400.4  Promotion
              400.5  Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
              400.6  Classroom Accommodations/Modifications
              400.7  Section 504 Plan under the Americans 
                          with Disabilities Act
              400.8  FSA and End-of-Course Accommodations
              400.9  FSA and End-of-Course Accommodations 
                          for English-Language Learners (ELLs)
              400.10  English for Speakers of Other Languages 
                          (ESOL) Programs 
                         400.10a  Initial Identification
                         400.10b  Programmatic Assessments
                         400.10c   Appropriate Programming
                         400.10d  Grading Policy and Promotion of  
                                          English Language Learners (ELLs)  
              400.11  Parent and ESOL Placement
              400.12  Adult Education
    400.13  Teacher Qualifications
              400.14  Post-Secondary Planning Services
              400.15  Vocational/Career Education and Transition 
                            Services for Students with Disabilities
              400.16  Accelerated Graduation
              400.17  Early Admission/Dual Enrollment
              400.18  Honors Classes
              400.19  Advanced Placement (AP)
              400.20 International Baccalaureate Programs
              400.21  Cambridge Advanced International Certificate 
                            of Education (AICE)
              400.22 Career and Technical Education (CTE) 
              400.23 Homework Policy 
              400.24 Understanding Assessments 
              400.25  FSA (Florida Standard Assessments) 
              400.26 What do the FSA Results Mean?
                         400.26a  FSA
              400.27 End-of-Course Assessments (EOC)
              400.28 Family Literacy Services

    401.0  Educational Records
              401.1  Directory Information
    401.2  Military Access to Records
              401.3  Further Assistance
              401.4  Media Releases
              401.5  Anonymous Surveys
              401.6  Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights 
              401.7  The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy 
                           Act (FERPA)
              401.8  Statement on the Collection, Use or Release of 
                          Social Security Numbers of Students and/or