• Table of Contents

    Section 1 – Getting started

    100.0  Registration and Enrollment Information     
              100.1   Immunizations requirements for the 
                           current school year     
              100.2   Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)     
              100.3   ESE Pre-kindergarten     
              100.4   Kindergarten     
              100.5   Educational Choices                          
                         100.5a  Controlled Open Enrollment 
                                       (School Choice)
                         100.5b  Charter Schools                 
                         100.5c  Home Education                
                         100.5d  Magnet Programs                
                         100.5e  McKay Scholarship                 
                         100.5f   Sarasota Virtual School (SVS)     
              100.6   Sarasota County Schools Virtual Options     
              100.7   Specialized School Programs     
              100.8   Alternative Schools     
              100.9   Title I Education/Services                      
                         100.9a  Title I School Selection                
                         100.9b  Parental Involvement                
                         100.9c  District Report Card Community 
                                       Learning Program
              100.10  Parent Portal Registration

    101.0  Family and Student Rights and Responsibilities 
              101.1  A Checklist of Parent and Family Engagement
              101.2  Free Speech, Student Publications 
                          and Technology
              101.3  Printed Materials 
              101.4  Student Activities and Assembly 
              101.5  School Public Accountability Reports (SPAR)
              101.6  School Improvement Plan (SIP)         

    102.0  School Safety & Security 
              102.1  BE BRAVE HOTLINE     
              102.2  Visitors and Volunteers     
              102.3  Jessica Lunsford Act     
              102.4  Media Releases     
              102.5  Student Identification Badges     
              102.6  Critical Incidents at Schools     
              102.7  Cell Phones during Critical Incidents

    103.0  Transportation 
               103.1  Bus Service
               103.2  Vehicles on School Property
               103.3  Bicycle Helmets
               103.4  Transportation in Private Vehicles

    104.0  Food & Nutrition Services