• School Reassignment

    A school reassignment may be requested if a student is moving into an assigned attendance zone and would like to attend the new school prior to the move occurring or when a student is moving out of an assigned attendance zone but wish to remain at the school that he or she is currently enrolled in. Applying for a reassignment does not guarantee approval. The requested school's enrollment capacity must be considered before a reassignment can be granted to a student living outside its assigned attendance zone.

    Deadlines for Requesting Reassignment

    • The 23-24 second-semester reassignment application is now closed. 

    • The 24-25 reassignment application will open in the Spring of 2024.

    NOTE: When a change in a student’s residence requires a reassignment, his/her application will be accepted and can be processed within 30 school days. Incomplete applications may not be processed.

    Process - Applying for a reassignment does not guarantee approval. Reassignments are granted based on the requested school having available space and programmatic capacity.

    Once you are awarded Choice/Reassignment, your school assignment is good at that school until the highest grade is reached.  You do not need to complete a Choice/Reassignment application every year.

    Step 1
    Sarasota County Schools’ Procedures and Guidelines for Student School Assignment, School Choice and Reassignment: https://www.sarasotacountyschools.net/Page/2499  

    Step 2
    Parent/guardian should submit the completed online student reassignment application and upload all required documentation requested for processing and review by the Office of School Choice. An application received without the required documentation and/or complete information may not be processed; the parent/guardian will be notified by email.

    Step 3
    Parent/guardian will receive timely notification before the start of the semester they are requesting the reassignment to begin. Reassignment applications for students with a change in residence will be processed as quickly as possible throughout the school year. Address must be updated with the Registrar PRIOR to application approval.

    Step 4
    The student should continue attending their current school of enrollment until further notification is received from the Office of School Choice. Parent/Guardian Notification- The Office of School Choice will notify the parent/guardian whether the request for reassignment is granted or not granted using the email address provided on the submitted reassignment application.

    Transportation- The parent/guardian will be responsible for providing the student with transportation to and from the assigned school. Transportation will not be provided by the district.

    For more details on student reassignment, please refer to Sarasota County Schools’ Procedures and Guidelines for Student School Assignment, School Choice and Reassignment. Please see the school Registrar for further instructions.