• Guidelines and Procedures

    Student assignment in the district occurs under the direction of School Board Policy 5.20. The Office of School Choice and Charter Schools in the Office of Accountability and Choice Department is responsible for carrying out activities related to this policy. Any student residing in the district shall be assigned to a school for attendance by the Superintendent or designee. All students, unless otherwise provided by the school board rule or authorized by the School Board, shall attend the school serving their residential attendance zone. No student whose legal residence is outside the boundaries of the County may be enrolled in any district school without the approval of the School Board, except under the provisions of Florida Statutes. A student’s residence is defined as the residence/domicile of his/her parent(s), legal guardian, or another such person as defined by any order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction. The domicile is defined as the place in which a student physically lives, sleeps and functions full time during the school year. If divorced parents have joint custody of a child, they must use one address as the legal residence for enrollment purposes.