• The school psychologist is academically trained in the psychology of learning, cognition and human development. The school psychologist works with school personnel and families to help create a better learning experience for students. In most cases the school psychologist is itinerant, serving each assigned school at least one day per week.

    School Assignments 

    Julie Arone
    Ashton Elementary, McIntosh Middle

    Larry Beck
    Booker High, Wilkinson Elementary

    Marla Brasco
    Englewood Elementary, Venice Elementary

    Erica Brock
    Heron Creek Middle, Lamarque Elementary

    Latonya Campbell
    Booker Middle, Brentwood Elementary

    Candis Castorani
    Riverview High, Triad

    Adrianna Corona 
    University Intern

    Emmanuel Dansey
    Atwater Elementary, Taylor Ranch Elementary

    Anthony Davis 
    Cranberry Elementary, Glenallen Elementary

    Elena Fournier 
    Brookside Middle, Gulf Gate Elementary 

    Tim Gissal 
    Pine View School, Venice High

    Patricia Heenan 
    County-wide Bilingual

    Kristy Laine 
    Laurel Nokomis School, McKay Evaluations, Countywide Assistance

    Robert Lees
    Oak Park School 

    Paula Lent

    Ashley McCurry
    Bay Haven Elementary, Sarasota Middle

    Leah Marchewka 
    Garden Elementary, Toledo Blade Elementary

    Amanda Collier Moseley
    University Intern

    Ben Muster
    North Port High, Suncoast Polytechnical High

    Krista Nelson
    Venice Middle, Woodland Middle

    Sumari Oms
    Tatum Ridge Elementary, Tuttle Elementary

    Katie Pac
    Gocio Elementary, Lakeview Elementary

    Gina Portnowitz
    Fruitville Elementary, Emma E. Booker Elementary

    Sarah Sawyer 
    Alta Vista Elementary, Sarasota High

    Kimberly Stabler
    Phillippi Shores Elementary, Southside Elementary