• Each Student Services Specialist is assigned a group of schools for which he/she provides direct support as well as problem-solving for concerns of the school. In addition, each specialist has one or more special areas of expertise or responsibility for which he/she provides district-wide leadership.

    Elizabeth Lewis - Transition, Intellectual Disability
    Englewood Elementary, Laurel Nokomis School, Taylor Ranch Elementary, Venice Elementary, Venice High, Garden Elementary, Extended Transition - STC/OP

    Ellie Ingerick - Speech/Language Impaired
    Ashton Elementary, Gulf Gate Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Phillipi Shores Elementary, McIntosh Middle, Suncoast Polytechnical High, Venice Middle

    Rex Ingerick - Elementary/Middle School Counseling

    Charlene Meyer - Visually and Hearing Impaired
    Bay Haven Elementary, Booker Middle, Booker High, Gocio Elementary, Pine View School, Tatum Ridge Elementary, Tuttle Elementary, Emma E. Booker Elementary

    Peni Riedinger - High School Counseling

    Michael Santagata - Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional/Behavioral Disability
    Atwater Elementary, Cranberry Elementary, Glenallen Elementary, Heron Creek Middle, Lamarque Elementary, North Port High, Toledo Blade Elementary, Woodland Middle

    Danielle Moon-Estep - Specific Learning Disabilities
    Riverview High, Sarasota Middle, Wilkinson Elementary, Triad, Gulf Gate Elementary, Alta Vista Elementary

    Victoria Stillo-Gross - Compliance, Hospital/Homebound, Gifted
    Brentwood Elementary, Brookside Middle, Fruitville Elementary, Sarasota High, Southside Elementary, Oak Park School