• Vendors' Bidder List

    The School Board Of Sarasota County, Florida Purchasing Office has joined the growing number of agencies throughout Florida who have joined VendorLink. myvendorlink.com 
    VendorLink provides around-the-clock access to all of the information needed to learn and respond to the Purchasing Office's requests for bids or proposals.

    You will be able to access current procurement information on the web. Registering with VendorLink ensures you are notified by email when new bid requests or RFPs are posted. Registered vendors can download, free of charge, bid documents from VendorLink website.  Since all information is entered directly into the VendorLink web application, you are assured of learning of new opportunities without having to read the legal ads or call or visit our office.

    When VendorLink enters new information, they check their vendor database for companies with matching NIGP commodity codes. When a match is detected, you will be sent an email to alert you to the new opportunity. You can then download the bid documents directly from VendorLink, prepare your submittal, and send directly to us.  You will receive an email announcement with a hyperlink leading to a full description of the listing. From there, you will be able to initiate an order for the complete bid documents by downloading the documents.

    On the VendorLink website, you may also view our current procurement list, the tabulation sheets, award recommendations, and your complete registration profile.

    You will need to register with VendorLink only once, regardless of how many agencies you decide to subscribe to.  You may change your profile at any time, adding or deleting commodity codes.

    To Register With VendorLink, go to the VendorLink registration website at www.myvendorlink.com/common/register.aspx

    If needed, the VendorLink User Manual has complete information:  www.myvendorlink.com/doc/VendorLinkVendorManual.pdf.  For additional help, please email support@evendorlink.com.