• Health Requirements for Admission to School

    In this Chapter

    • Physical Examination
    • Immunizations

    Physical Examination 

    Florida Statute 1003.22 requires that each child initially entering a public or private school in the state present documentation of a physical examination performed within one year prior to enrollment (registration date).  The health exam should contain evidence that indicates the examination of the body systems (heart, skin, respiratory, etc.) and functions; certify that the student has no contagious or communicable disease which would warrant the student's exclusion from school, and indicate any special conditions which would warrant special considerations for the student.

    Note: Physical exam form must be readable (health department personnel can only accept exams in English), signed, dated, and stamped by the provider. 

    Physical examinations may be documented on:

    • Form DH 3040 or equivalent which meets the above requirements and is signed by a medical doctor (MD), doctor of osteopathy (DO), chiropractor (CP), physician’s assistant (PA), or an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) and includes the printed or stamped name and address of the signatory.
    • FASTER record (in-state transfer) is acceptable for proof of physical if the student attended a public Florida school for at least 30 days.
    • All In County Transfers – the registrar must obtain the student’s entire cumulative health record from the previous school

    The following are NOT ACCEPTABLE as Physical Exams:

    • A bill or receipt
    • A statement from the physician that the child is in good health and free of communicable disease
    • Documentation of height, weight, and blood pressure
    • Health history filled out by the parent or a health care provider

    Homeless students may receive a temporary 30-day exemption.  The registrar of each school is responsible for monitoring the status of students with temporary exemptions.


    Florida Statute requires that before admittance to or attendance in a public or non-public school, each student shall present or have on file with the school a Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form DH 680) from a licensed practicing physician or the county public health department.  For updates on current immunization requirement refer to the Florida Department of Health Immunization Guidelines or call the School Health office.

    One of the following Florida Certification of immunization certificates must be presented to the school.  NO EXCEPTION IS PERMITTED.

    • DH 680, Part A - Completed immunizations
    • DH 680, Part B - Temporary medical exemption with an unexpired expiration date
    • DH 680, Part C - Permanent medical exemption (must be signed by a medical doctor (M.D.)
    • DH 681 - Religious exemption (must be signed by Health Department Administrator or designee)
    • FASTER record (in-state transfer) showing that immunizations are complete is acceptable. However, the original 680 must always be requested if the child has been issued a Temporary or Permanent Medical Exemption, or if immunization dates are missing or questionable.
    • NO student may attend before a record of immunizations is received.