• School Plans

    The C.S.D. Plan Room Webpage has replaced the previous F.I.S.H. site and floor plan website in SharePoint. The SharePoint site provides approved District personnel access to F.I.S.H. Plans for each site, as well as electronic record building data.  

    C.S.D. SharePoint Plan Room Website   

    Note: External access to this data is restricted. External requests for building data are to directed to the appropriate District personnel or contact whom you are performing work for. If you are a District employee and do not currently have permission to access the above site, please email a request by clicking the access request hyperlink below.

    C.S.D. Building Information Manager - access request  

    The email will need to include requestor's name, "A" account, department, position/title, and the reason for needing access. This data is necessary for granting permission(s).